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[WAR] To the store and back (2)

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Feb. 3rd, 2004 | 11:52 am
posted by: driftingdoll in slow_as_hell

Chat 2 of the new GW RP

Players: Duo, Trowa

-- War RP Chat 2 --
Trowa: *Trowa walks quickly out to the barn in search of the car.. truck... whatever their mode of transportation may be.*
Trowa: *He's still trying to sort out how he feels about living with all of them.*
Duo: *follows on Trowa's heels, looking about*
Duo: I don't suppose you got keys to the transportation, do you?
Trowa: Nope. *he keeps walking* Do you?
Duo: I can work my way around that.
Duo: *cocky grin*
Trowa: *nods* If you can't, then I can.
Duo: *chuckles* At least we know we're not gonna be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a way to get out.
Trowa: I would hope that, between the two of us, we could manage to start a car.
Duo: *laughs* It would suck if we were the only two Gundam pilots who didn't know how to hotwire a car, that's for sure.
Duo: I doubt the locals would like it if I parked Deathscythe outside the grocery store.
Trowa: *small smirk* That would hardly be considered keeping a low profile.
Duo: *gets into the barn and stares at the old truck waiting there*
Duo: Damn... *kicks the bumper* ... those docs went all out. *makes a face at the slightly rusted hood*
Trowa: Hmmm... *Goes around to the front and lifts up the hood* Do you happen to know anything else about these things besides how to start them?
Trowa: I mean... I can drive, but, if there's a problem....
Duo: *chuckles* I can fix anything with an engine.
Duo: Hell, it don't have to have an engine, I can build one.
Trowa: *smiles* I suppose I could too, but we're trying to make it there before dark.
Trowa: An engine this old would take some working on...
Trowa: *glances up at Duo* Want to start her up?
Duo: *nods*
Duo: *he gets into the trunk and looks under, pulling a few wires out* Okay, stand back in case she blows.
Duo: *he twists a few wires together and is pleased to hear a sputter of the engine as it starts up* Bingo!
Trowa: *chuckles softly* You want to drive? Or...
Duo: Nah, you look older.
Trowa: *He isn't sure if Duo should drive, considering he looks younger, but he doesn't want to restrict anyone*
Duo: Don't wanna get busted out first time out. *scoots over to the passenger seat*
Trowa: *nods* Just checking... *he climbs into the drivers side, putting the old truck into gear*
Duo: *listens to the engine as Trowa drives* Huh... gotta look at the carburator when we get back...
Trowa: *Jerkily backs it out of the bar, then starts away from the safehouse, much smoother on the wooded path*
Trowa: *nods* It sounds a bit off...
Duo: It'll be fun to try to fix this old girl up. *pats the dashboard*
Trowa: *driving driving driving*
Trowa: So.... how do you know Quatre?
Duo: *blinks* Oh, we met up after that guy went boom.
Duo: He took me back to his place so we could regroup.
Trowa: *nods* Makes sense, I guess.
Duo: How about you? How'd ya meet blondie?
Trowa: We met on a mission... and, after talking, came to a compromise
Trowa: It took a while for us to discover that we were on the same side.
Duo: *nods* That was at the beginning then?
Trowa: Pretty close to the beginning. It was at one of the first battles, as I recall.
Duo: *chuckles* Same with me and Heero.
Duo: 'Cept we weren't so nice.
Trowa: *half smirk* No? I can't imagine why...
Duo: Hey, don't make assumptions. I bet Quatre did something amazingly polite the first time you met.
Trowa: *his eyes shift to Duo, then back to the road* Is this a common occurance? Should I worry about him trying to make friends with the enemy?
Duo: *blinks* Oh no, I don't mean that. He's a sharp one and has got dead on instincts.
Duo: Anyway, that wouldn't be too bad... one of those puppy eyed looks and we could have OZ on their knees for us...
Trowa: *chuckles* I guess he's easy to underestimate.
Duo: *nods* I ain't ever gonna do that again. He's dangerous when he wants to be.
Duo: *looks out over the road* So what do ya think? We going to the nearest town first?
Trowa: *nods* That he is..... And a good fighter.
Trowa: *pulls the truck to a stop along the side of the road*
Duo: *wonders about the stop and looks at Trowa*
Trowa: We're about a 5 minute walk from the store. You think we should take the truck all the way in or walk it?
Duo: *frowns*
Duo: Well... you look old enough. Which is weirder, two kids in a truck getting groceries or two kids getting groceries and carrying them out?
Trowa: Well... despite what we agreed to earlier, the only people who would walk up without a car would be townies.
Trowa: I think we need to drive up. The store's along a highway and they should have unknown people come by all the time.
Duo: *looks out at the town* Yeah, we'd be noticed too much if we walk in. At least this way we could say we were on a road trip or something.
Trowa: *nods, pulling the car back onto the road* I'd say we look close enough to driving age.
Duo: Or you do. *chuckles*
Trowa: *nods with a small smile*
Trowa: I think, by estimation, that I'm almost sixteen anyways. And unless we're doing something wrong, I doubt anyone will care.
Duo: You THINK you're sixteen?
Trowa: *small shrug* I don't really know.
Trowa: *looks to Duo* Do you?
Duo: *shrugs* I figure I'm fifteen.
Duo: Don't exactly got records to looks at, you know?
Trowa: *nods* I hear ya...
Duo: Oh hey... that the store?
Duo: *looks at the small family grocery store*
Trowa: Think so... *pulls off and into the parking lot*
Duo: You grabbed the cash, right?
Trowa: Yep. *turns off the car* Do you have the list?
Duo: *waves the piece of paper* Got it!
Trowa: *offers a smile, then jumps out of the truck. He pulls his overshirt off, leaving him in an undershirt, then pushes his hair out of his eyes, sweeping it back and behind his ears*
Duo: *gets out, watching Trowa curiously and making sure his braid is hidden*
Trowa: Better? *he asks, hoping his hair is less noticeable, even though it makes him uncomfortable to feel this exposed*
Duo: *blinks*
Duo: Whoa... freaky.
Trowa: It was colder where I was last, but a turtleneck would stand out here.
Trowa: *sighs* I'll take that as ok.
Trowa: *heads for the door*
Duo: *snickers to himself* Yeah, you ain't a cyclops.
Trowa: *narrows his eyes to glare at Duo*
Duo: *doesn't change his cocky look*
Trowa: *wanders into the store, nodding to the girl at the counter before making his way to the back, hoping that Duo's following*
Duo: *is busy reading the list*
Duo: *he grabbed a basket on the way in*
Trowa: So... what first? Bread?
Trowa: *feels like they need to talk to seem natural, but all they have in common at the moment are undiscussable topics*
Duo: Uhmm... how about the heavy canned stuff first? So we don't squish the bread.
Trowa: *nods* Smart.... *walks down the isles* Have any preferences?
Duo: Edible?
Duo: Shit, I'll eat almost anything.
Trowa: *rolls his eyes* How about ready made canned food. Like... soups would be good. And vegatables.
Duo: *nods* Sure...
Duo: *looks at the shelves* Beef stew?
Trowa: *nods* Chicken Soup? *takes a couple of cans of beef stew*
Duo: *is picking out cans that have nice labels mostly, since he has no idea what's best*
Duo: Hey... fruit.
Duo: *is looking through the list as the basket gets filled*
Trowa: *they move through the store in this way, picking and choosing till they have a nice supply of food*
Trowa: I think we have everything on the list and then some...
Duo: *rubs his arm ruefully*
Duo: Yeah... feels like it.
Trowa: *snorts* Ready to check out?
Duo: *nods* Yes! Before my arms fall off!
Trowa: *laughs quietly, heading up to the counter*
Duo: *tumps the heavy basket ont he counter, then swings up the second*
Girl: *the counter girl starts running everything through, sneaking in discrete ogles every time she thinks they aren't looking*
Trowa: *Leans slightly against the counter with a small smile*
Duo: *is pondering the list and watching everything be rung up*
Duo: Damn... I hope we didn't break the budget...
Trowa: I can spot us if we're over.
Trowa: *looks up at the girl* Can you tell us how far to the next town?
Trowa: *making small talk to appear that they're on their way somewhere*
Girl: *blushes and stammers a bit* Well.. which one?
Duo: *grins at the girl, turning on the charm* There's more than one?
Girl: There's one about ten miles away to the north... and one a little farther away back east.
Girl: *disappointment* You're not staying?
Duo: We're just passin' through, babe.
Trowa: *small shrug, though he nods*
Duo: *smiles* Though, if all the girls here are as pretty as you, I wouldn't mind stayin'.
Girl: Well... we don't get boys like you often.
Girl: You're going to be the talk of the town.
Trowa: *smiles warmly, ready to bash Duo's head in. They don't want to be too memorable*
Duo: Ah, we ain't nothing special. Not like men in uniform at least. All you girls swoon over them.
Girl: *frowns* We don't get much of that kind here either.
Girl: This is a really dead town. Nothing ever happens.
Duo: And that's a damn shame, what with a pretty girl like you.
Trowa: *chuckles* We don't have competiton then. *winks, gathering up the bags*
Duo: *gets the bags as well*
Trowa: *gets out the money, paying for the food quickly*
Trowa: Unfortunatly, we have to get going if we want to make good time. It's getting dark out.
Duo: See ya, babe.
Trowa: Thanks. *nods as he heads out the door*
Girl: *looks after them with disappointment*
Duo: *hustles through after Trowa*
Trowa: *sets the bag in the small back seat of the truck and climbs in*
Trowa: That was easy.
Duo: Yeah, gotta love small town folks.
Duo: And now we know that there ain't no military about.
Trowa: Not my type though.
Trowa: *nods* That was smart. I wouldn't have thought to do that.
Duo: The military types or the girl?
Trowa: *blinks* The girl.
Duo: *chuckles* She was kinda cute.
Trowa: *nods* I suppose so... *the car starts and they move back onto the road, heading back towards the safe house*
Duo: Still... it's nice to know there's two other towns not so far away.
Duo: By the time we run out of cash and need to go to both of them, we should be pulled out by the docs.
Trowa: *starts fixing his hair to fall back over his face as he
drives* Do you really use the docs as your own source of money?
Duo: *snorts* No way.
Duo: I just don't pay for anything.
Trowa: Why don't you just hack into an OZ account?
Duo: Well, that too, but I like keeping my skills up by stealing.
Duo: Besides, I steal from OZ all the time. How do you think I get parts?
Trowa: *nods* Makes sense. I just try not to steal from those that might support us.
Duo: Well, yeah. That ain't right. Not like I was really gonna knock off a mom 'n pop store like that.
Trowa: *nods, feeling better. He's always had somewhat of a concious for that.*
Duo: But Ozzies... hell, I might as well get parts and supplies for myself before I send a base up in flames, right?
Trowa: *small quiet laugh* Right.
Trowa: *drives along, just thinking*
Duo: *looks out across the landscape as Trowa drives*
Duo: ... damn, I gotta do something about that carberator, the sound is driving me nuts.
Trowa: *sighs as they pull back up to the barn* If we end up with alot of spare time, then it would be worth it.
Trowa: What I don't know is how long we'll be in each spot.
Duo: Yeah... it would be kinda fun to get my hands dirty.
Trowa: *nods* It's almost relaxing....
Trowa: *turns the truck off* Come find me if you want some company.
Duo: *grins* Sure.

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Sophie Hatter

From: kodalai
Date: Feb. 3rd, 2004 07:33 pm (UTC)

1) You have some happy icons, yay!


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