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Heero's introduction for the new rp

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May. 23rd, 2004 | 11:29 pm
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posted by: askerian in slow_as_hell

"Thank you, Mrs. Darlian," he says as they ride the elevator. It's a nice elevator, which looks older than it is, with a glass door and golden curls of metal framing it, giving it the look of a XIXth century jewel box. Or was it XVIII? He never knows. He doesn't really care.

There's a dark blue carpet on the floor. He stares down, at his hands holding the sports bag that holds everything that belongs to him. It's a lot more than what he had in the war. He has already calculated what he can afford to leave behind in case-- and then reminded himself that it doesn't matter if it's heavy and bulky. He isn't on the run anymore.

He knows that he makes the older woman uneasy, that she only adopted him to make Relena happy. Relena didn't want him to end up at an orphanage, or worse, one of these prisons for children where they try to reeducate teenagers who lost themselves into petty theft and random violence. He'd be much less at his place there that he would be in a real, high security prison. But he's only fifteen-- sixteen maybe? And Relena fought so that he would be treated as a freedom hero, not as a terrorist. He doesn't think there's any real difference between the two terms.

So now he gets nice new papers with his new, official name on it-- Heero Yuy Lowe, all a pretty, official lie -- and a nice new pseudo-mother who always seems to hide behind her thoughtfulness and polite smiles how worried she is that one day he's going to track blood inside the house. And Relena --so annoying, so confusing, too curious, too earnest, too innocent, stronger than him-- is now his step-sister. It sounds so weird--as if the words should have a meaning, but he only hears the sounds and can't connect the definition to anything. Step-sister. Sister. Family. He never had any. He doesn't feel any different now that he does.

Is there something wrong with him? Probably. Maybe seeing that psychiatrist won't be such a bad idea.

Mrs. Darlian nods back at him, her soft, cultured voice sounding as if dampened by the thick carpet. It sounds like that all the time. "Don't think anything of it, young man."

She doesn't call him Heero. She doesn't call him son--he would probably have to arch two eyebrows if she did. She only calls him 'young man' to his face, and 'Relena's friend' when referring to him with someone else. He wonders if she has any real feelings at all. Maybe not. It's improper. He's glad Relena's fire burned out of that shell of properness, that it hasn't been smothered with the rest. In a way, Mrs. Darlian and him are quite alike. They have been conditioned to never openly show a genuine emotion. That's not a lot to base a mother/son relationship on.

Not that he wants her to be his mother. He doesn't want a mother. He doesn't need any. If he wanted one, it would be someone who could teach him to love and be young and free again. Otherwise, there's no point.

He remembers now why he liked having a mission so much. When he doesn't have a goal to work toward, he starts to think too much, and about the stupidest, most irrelevant things. That ideal mother doesn't exist, will never exist. Even if she did, it's too late for him; he's not a child anymore. Mrs. Dorlian is the closest he'll ever come to it, and it's fine. They both know that their relationship just exists on paper, and in Relena's eyes. There's no hope to ache for.

Relena is waiting for them at the entry to the dormitories. She grins as she sees them, quickly stifling the bounce in her steps to a more ladylike demeanor as she approaches them. She kisses her mother on the cheek to say hello. She doesn't kiss Heero, just smiles. He nods back. He doesn't know if she does that because she has finally understood how much physical contact makes him tense, or if she doesn't want to worry her mother by showing him too much affection. They're only siblings on paper after all.

"Did the inscription go alright?" she asks, her eyes going from her mother to him. He shrugs. It went just fine, considering that there are official orders from the new World Sphere Government to ease their way in this school.

He wonders if any of the other Gundam pilots is already here. Not that he really misses them, but it would be ...nice, to be around someone who understands. A lot of the other students will be like Relena, coming from rich families, the rest middle-class to poor, but getting in with grants. He doubts that between the well-bred and the smart, ambitious students there will be lots of war veterans.

Relena and her mother chatter quietly as they walk down the large corridor. Blue carpet, though grayer than in the elevator. He wonders if the girl's dormitory has pink carpets.

He takes note of the layout, by habit. Bedroom door, bathroom door, bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, etceteras. He probably will need to share his bathroom with someone else, which is still better than common shower rooms. He wonders how sturdy the locks are. But it will provide him with a secondary escape route, so it's not so bad. And depending on how low the ground steeps down, he'll have a third exit. They're only on the second story but in these old buildings, the ceilings are high.

Relena points the common room to him. He sees couches and a pool table through the glass door, then another door and the corridor continues.

There's someone sitting in the common room. He's reading a book. His hair is smooth and black, hanging around his face. Heero almost doesn't recognize him, and then he looks up and there are burning, assessing, unforgiving black eyes behind the reading glasses. It's Wufei.

They exchange a quick nod, and then he follows Relena and his mother down the other part of the corridor.

He doesn't know if he can count Chang Wufei as an ally. He never really worked with them during the Eve wars, he almost betrayed them for good during the Mariemeya incident before he changed his mind, and no one knows what's going on in his head; he's dangerous.

Heero is glad that he won't be alone here.

He explores his new room quickly, then thanks Relena and her mother for their help and accompanies them back to the entry of the dormitories. He doesn't doubt that they will want to spend some time alone together. Relena sees Wufei on her way out and smiles politely at him, but she doesn't stop to talk. Heero is glad. He doesn't really feel a burning need to know how awkward a conversation between the ex-foreign vice minister and Mariemeya's right hand man could get. Wufei doesn't seem to be in the mood for a chat either; he looks like he's calculating his escape options right now and berating himself for being too stubborn to really use these options.

Out of sighs of her mother, Relena gives his hand a quick squeeze before she leaves, guiding Mrs. Darlian to the girls' common room for a chat.

Mrs. Darlian is smiling -- a contained, but still genuine smile. He has never seen that expression around him before. He sighs and goes back to his dorm room, flexing his hand thoughtfully.

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