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ML Question & A Chat

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May. 26th, 2004 | 11:41 am
posted by: driftingdoll in slow_as_hell

I created a Mailing List for public viewing, if for anyone that wants to read the Alternate Universe chats.


Is this okay with everyone? I wanted to make sure... *hugs*

And! A chat! YAY CHAT!

Monday, August 16, 197 A.C.

The Common Room

Heero: *Heero comes back after having left Relena and her mother*
Wufei: *Wufei is still reading and this time doesn't look up*
Wufei: *He's annoyed-- this is hardly how he wishes to be seen by others*
Wufei: *but they told him the others wouldn't be arriving for a few days*
Heero: *pauses a few steps away, wondering if he should talk with him-- he doesn't
seem to be in the mood*
Heero: *maybe he should just leave him alone right now.*
Wufei: *looks up, wondering at the hesitation*
Wufei: She going to be here often?
Heero: Relena? She's in this school too.
Heero: *maybe he means will she visit often--*
Wufei: Ah.
Heero: But the boys' dorms are forbidden to girls during the week.
Heero: And vice versa.
Wufei: *relieved* I see.
Heero: *vaguely amused to see how relieved he is* Perhaps you will share classes
with both of us.
Wufei: You've already worked out your timetable?
Heero: *shakes his head* not yet.
Heero: Did you?
Wufei: *shakes his head*
Heero: *steps closer, just because it's easier to talk this way and he doesn't
like turning his back to a glass door*
Wufei: *makes room for Heero on the other end of the sofa*
Wufei: English and Math are compulsory.
Wufei: And you should have at least one science.
Heero: *blinks as he understands that Wufei doesn't mind talking and sits down*
Wufei: I'm definitely not taking music or art or food studies, and the computing
course looks far too simple.
Heero: *shrugs* I'll see what they have available. I have an appointment with
the school advisor scheduled anyway, I'm no sure I'll get to decide everything.
Wufei: He's useless.
Heero: *little smirk*
Wufei: He told me to decide what I wanted to do at University level, and find
out what I needed from there.
Wufei: If I knew what I wanted to do, would I be having this problem?
Heero: *soft chuckle* I see.
Heero: I want not to be dead. Apart from that, I'm flexible.
Wufei: *smiles*
Heero: *surprised to see Wufei smile. It's not an expression he often had during
the war*
Wufei: If you're lucky and you can convince the Dean, they sometimes let you
do University subjects by correspondence.
Heero: *interested*
Wufei: Thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to do computer stuff.
Heero: ... Hm. Don't see what I have left to learn.
Heero: *blinks, then shakes his head*
Wufei: *snorts, picking up his book again*
Heero: ... okay, maybe learning from the point of view of the hackee might make
a difference.
Wufei: *slight ironic smile* It might. I've got the courses available from the
Uni in my room, you can have it if you like.
Wufei: Its not like I'll be using it.
Heero: *nods* Where' s your room?
Wufei: *points*
Wufei: Do you want it now?
Heero: Yes.
Heero: *why wait?*
Heero: *gets up*
Wufei: *stands up to go to his room*
Heero: *follows Wufei*
Wufei: *leaves the door open, wondering if Heero will come in*
Wufei: *the pamphlet of University courses supported by the school appears to
have been well perused*
Heero: *leans against the doorway, waiting*
Wufei: *gives it to Heero*
Heero: *he remembers Wufei as a very private person and he's sure he wouldn't
like people walking in his room without invitation*
Heero: *takes it with a nod of thanks*
Wufei: *Wufei's room is pretty plain, except for some photos and incense in
a corner*
Heero: *glances in but tries not to look too obviously*
Wufei: When do you see the Dean?
Heero: tomorrow, nine AM.
Wufei: *nods* Be on time then and behave impeccably before then.
Wufei: *passes Heero to return to the common room*
Heero: *decides that this is probably a dismissal. And he's just not that fond
of small talk anyway, so he won't force Wufei to bear his presence*
Wufei: Or the Dean might decide to not allow you to take the courses.
Heero: *nods* I see.
Wufei: He's one of those people who secretly wishes they were in politics. But
he's not so he gets off on the power he can wield here.
Wufei: *obviously bitter*
Heero: *frowns thoughtfully* ... Hnn.
Heero: did you have problems with him?
Wufei: What gave you that idea?
Wufei: *very sarcastic*
Wufei: The guy is an absolute moron.
Heero: *scowls at Wufei* What happened?
Heero: *damn Wufei and his need to battle every person who looks at him wrong*
Wufei: He's not letting me take the courses I want because I stayed out after
Heero: *he hopes the dean isn't going to be pissed at all of them now*
Wufei: I don't want to be watched every second.
Heero: *snorts*
Heero: do you think I do? but it's that or prison. If the public opinion changes
about us, there will be nothing to save us. I, for one, prefer to bear the surveillance
rather than being shipped to L3-2756.
Heero: You should chose your battles more wisely.
Wufei: I'm not sure I'd prefer honesty. The only difference is that this prison
has windows.
Heero: *growls* the one difference is that here, we can learn things, learn
how to function in society. When we're twenty-one, we will be free to live and
work where we please. Try to do that after spending five years in prison.
Wufei: You really believe we'll be free?
Heero: *sighs* We'll always be watched, but we can't change that.
Heero: The difference is in the degree of choices we will be allowed to make
for ourselves later if we show that we can abide by those made for us now.
Wufei: *snorts* Say that after you've met the Dean.
Wufei: *picks up his book*
Heero: *shrugs* I'll survive.
Wufei: *doubts that but doesn't reply, going into his room*
Wufei: *shuts the door this time*
Heero: *gets into his own room, locking the door after him*
Heero: *well, Wufei hasn't changed at all. It's weird that he finds it comforting.*

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Comments {3}

Sophie Hatter

From: kodalai
Date: May. 26th, 2004 12:28 pm (UTC)

That icon! Ah! So cute!

And no, I have no problem with this at all. ^__^

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Asuka Kureru

From: askerian
Date: May. 26th, 2004 03:18 pm (UTC)

fine for me ^_^

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From: girl_starfish
Date: May. 26th, 2004 08:56 pm (UTC)

I absolutely forbid it.

Kidding. That's fine.

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