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RP 3+4 stuff

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Dec. 15th, 2003 | 02:50 am
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music: The Legendary Beast - Nobuo Uematsu
posted by: kodalai in slow_as_hell

We got comments, so I'll assume that means people are still reading. ^_^

Now that most of the drama is over with, we're going back to a sort of timeless schedule.

Here are a couple of Trowa and Quatre chats that they did, trying to get the hang of this "getting to know you" stuff.

Quatre: *RP Chat*
Quatre: *L2, Duo's house*
Trowa: *Trowa walks in the kitchen door, whipping himself off with his
undershirt, his hair plastered down from the heat outside. It's
supposed to be winter on L2, but it seems as if the climate controls
are having issues.*
Quatre: *Quatre is raiding the fridge... again*
Quatre: *He looks up when Trowa comes in, and lets the refrigerator
close* Trowa?
Quatre: Are you coming in for good, or just taking a break?
Trowa: Hey.... *smiles, heading to the fridge himself and taking out
an ice cold beer* I could stop for the day. I have the main system
board removed from the last MS, but it's at a stopping point
Quatre: That won't come to harm from staying out all night.
Quatre: *picks up the apples he'd dug out and takes a bite from one,
then offering the other to Trowa*
Trowa: *takes the apple that Quatre offers, taking a bite himself*
Trowa: I'm not too worried about it.
Trowa: *leans on the counter* What have you been up to?
Trowa: Seen Heero or Duo today? I know Wufei went into town for a bit...
Quatre: *swallows his bite, a little too quickly, and coughs*
Quatre: Ah... they're both here.
Trowa: *pats Quatre on the back* You ok?
Quatre: *coughs again, then smiles at Trowa* Yes, just nearly went
down the wrong way.
Quatre: But they're in Duo's bedroom, sleeping, to the best of my
Trowa: *nods, thinking about why Duo might be sleeping.... it's
usually from sex, when it's mid day, but he could always be wrong*
Quatre: *light blush*
Trowa: I need to shower, but.... would you like to make them dinner
with me?
Quatre: I'd love to.
Trowa: *walks over to one of the cabinets, pulling out a cookbook*
Trowa: I was thinking about this yesterday, so I got some of the
supplies when I went to the store this morning before lunch.
Quatre: *walks up behind Trowa and peers at the cookbook with interest*
Quatre: Oh? What did you have in mind?
Quatre: I'll warn you, despite Wufei's best efforts, I'm not all that
good a cook.
Trowa: Um.... Well, I wanted to try and make something new. I was
thinking of King Ranch Chicken. It's a casserole kind of dish.
Quatre: Oh, that sounds good.
Quatre: What were you going to put in it?
Trowa: It has chicken and pasta and peppers... I'm going to follow the
recipe, of course. I can't make anything without the instructions...
except spaghetti.
Trowa: *flips through the cookbook*
Trowa: Would you like to pick out a dessert?
Quatre: *puts his arms around Trowa's waist, looking over his shoulder*
Quatre: Hmmm...
Trowa: Qat, I'm all gross...
Trowa: *starts to shrug away*
Quatre: *smiles* I don't mind.
Quatre: *kisses the side of Trowa's neck*
Trowa: *raises an eyebrow* Ok.... Just... You're going to need a
shower too.
Quatre: You're right though, you could use a shower... Want some company?
Quatre: If I recall correctly, you did specify shared showers every
Trowa: *smiles* I'd love company... *leans back into Quatre's arms*
Quatre: And as for dessert... hmm...
Quatre: I hadn't really thought of it, but I haven't had brownies in a
while... I don't know how to make them, though.
Trowa: *nods* That's easy. I can show you. *kisses him on the cheek*
Quatre: *happy sigh*
Quatre: *turns a bit so he can get a better kiss*
Quatre: ...So when do we need to start dinner, if it's going to be
done in reasonable time?
Trowa: Mmm..? *nuzzles Quatre* I need a shower before I can cook.
So... after that.
Quatre: *nods*
Quatre: *little chuckle* It'll be my third shower in a day...
Quatre: Not that I'm complaining. *nuzzles*
Trowa: *starts to pull Quatre towards the bathroom* Third?
Quatre: Ah... *realizes his slip and blushes*
Trowa: Why... Who put you in a position to need so many showers?
Trowa: *playful smirk*
Quatre: *admits* Duo.
Quatre: And, um... Heero. *embarrassed*
Trowa: *blinks* both of them?
Quatre: Well, the first one was my own idea.
Quatre: Shower, I mean.
Trowa: *closes the bathroom door behind them*
Trowa: *chuckles*
Trowa: Ok... but the second?
Quatre: The second one was... well...
Quatre: *blushes more* Duo and Heero.
Quatre: *Trowa seems mostly to be amused, doesn't seem angry... but
Quatre's a little anxious all the same* You don't mind, do you?
Trowa: *leans against Quatre, lightly pushing him into the bathroom
counter* No.... A little jealous maybe. I wouldn't have turned down
the opportunity..
Quatre: It wasn't planned.
Trowa: It's best when it's not
Quatre: *puts his arms around Trowa and hugs him*
Quatre: Duo and I were on the couch, when Heero walked in...
Quatre: He seemed startled and embarrassed, and that made Duo upset...
Quatre: So I told him to stay.
Trowa: *Nods, slowly unbuttoning Quatre's shirt* Heero's.... insecure
about that kind of thing... He's not sure when he's welcome or not.
Quatre: I just wanted him to know that he *was* welcome.
Quatre: *slips his fingers under Trowa's shirt and tugs at it*
Trowa: I've never been with Heero and another one of us, but....
Quatre: I wasn't planning to do anything but sit there and cuddle,
maybe kiss a little... but...
Trowa: Hmm.... I don't know what that would be like.
Quatre: *blush reappears*
Trowa: *slides the shirt of Quatre's shoulders, kissing his neck*
But.... what happened?
Quatre: But... well, Duo was sitting on both of our laps, and he kept
Quatre: *pouts*
Quatre: *Quatre pulls Trowa's shirt up over his head, returning the favor*
Trowa: And what did his squirming have to do with your shower?
Quatre: Well...
Quatre: *a smile is tugging at his lips remembering, and he tries to
smother it*
Trowa: *pops open the button on Quatre's pants*
Trowa: Yes? *playful, licking at his collar bone*
Quatre: ...We... Heero and I... decided he was being naughty on purpose.
Quatre: So of course he had to be... *coughs* punished.
Trowa: *chuckles* I can't imagine him protesting too much about this
Quatre: *blinks at Trowa*
Quatre: Did you know?
Trowa: *secretive smile* No one told me...
Quatre: That Duo likes to be spanked?
Trowa: *winks* I'm just a good guesser.
Quatre: *laughs*
Trowa: *pulls his pants down, over his hips*
Trowa: It's a kink that... while not talked about, I think several of
us share.
Quatre: Ahm. Yes.
Quatre: *face flames red*
Quatre: *busies himself undoing Trowa's pants*
Trowa: *rubs Quatre's arousal from outside his underwear* Did you
enjoy it?
Quatre: *gasps and lets his eyes fall closed* Yes...
Trowa: *squeezes lightly* Tell me about it... Tell me what you did...
how it felt...
Trowa: *pulls Quatre into the shower*
Quatre: It was... uhnn... intense...
Quatre: *blinks his eyes open and looks at Trowa in some surprise*
Quatre: Um... we've both still got clothes on...
Trowa: *kicks off his pants, but pulls him in, the both of them still
wearing their underwear*
Trowa: I don't care... Just go with it, Qat...
Quatre: *not really complaining*
Quatre: Okay.
Trowa: *the warm is warm, and their boxers stick to them as they get wet*
Quatre: *closes his eyes as he raises his face to the spray*
Trowa: *Trowa's hands begin to roam* Did you spank him?
Quatre: No... Heero did.
Quatre: He was stretched out over our laps... I was holding onto his
Quatre: He was very... mm... squirmy.
Trowa: So you didn't touch him? *fondles Quatre's cock over the wet silk*
Quatre: Oh... I did...
Quatre: But only on his shoulders, chest... arms...
Quatre: He let his hair down... it was nice.
Quatre: *slides his hands down Trowa's back to rub over his ass*

You are now in chat room “Cursed Sunglasses Chat.”
Trowa has entered the chat room.
Trowa: =============================
Quatre: **RP Chat**
Quatre: *L2 -- Duo's house*
Quatre: *...like it's ever anywhere else >_>*
Trowa: *Trowa knocks on the bedroom door, before peering in. Quatre needed to make a few phone calls, but it's almost lunch time now*
Quatre: *looks up at the knock, and quickly signs off his phone call*
Quatre: Trowa? Something up?
Trowa: Hey.... *steps into the room* You free for lunch?
Trowa: I thought it might be good to get out a bit.
Quatre: *smiles* Sure... I didn't have anything else planned.
Quatre: *shoves his papers to the edge of the desk and stands up*
Quatre: Did you have anything in mind?
Trowa: There's a deli down the street. I thought we'd just walk
Quatre: Sounds good to me.
Trowa: *takes his hand, walking towards the door*
Quatre: *smiles at Trowa and follows after him, liking the feel of Trowa's hand in his*
Quatre: Is there any special occasion for this?
Trowa: I just wanted to talk a bit... just us.
Quatre: *nods, a bit worried, though*
Quatre: *he doesn't think it's anything bad...*
Trowa: I have something in mind... but can we wait till we get there?
Quatre: Okay.
Trowa: *squeezes his hand* I was thinking... what's your favorite kind of food?
Quatre: *pauses on the way out the door to pick up his keys and wallet*
Quatre: *surprised* My favorite?
Quatre: *has to think for a moment* Umm... I think it would probably be Thai food.
Trowa: *grabs Quatre's wallet and sets it back on the counter*
Trowa: *pulls him towards the door*
Trowa: My treat.
Trowa: Thai food? I don't know if I've had that before...
Quatre: *blinks, then smiles and puts down his wallet* Okay...
Quatre: It's in the style of most Chinese cooking -- but with an Indian touch to it.
Quatre: Lots of spices.
Trowa: *opens the front door, leading Quatre down the street*
Trowa: *nods, making note of that*
Trowa: Have you had it often? Where did you try it?
Quatre: Oh, I don't get it very often.
Quatre: Usually what you'll find on L4 is either French knockoff, or Italian
Quatre: But I try and have some every time I'm on Earth or another colony.
Trowa: *nods*
Trowa: Well.... just in case... what's your second favorite kind of food?
Trowa: *smiles*
Quatre: Hmm... probably Greek, in that case.
Quatre: What about you?
Trowa: *shakes his head.... Quatre had to be difficult*
Trowa: Probably Italian.... but I like Chinese food an awful lot.
Trowa: It's all pretty common, though
Quatre: So Italian would be your first, and Chinese second?
Trowa: *nods* It's probably because I actually know how to cook italian
Trowa: I like having the home cooked food more than the Chinese take out
Quatre: Good, I'll remember that. *smiles*
Trowa: But with Wufei around, we actually get home cooked Chinese food occasionally. *small laugh*
Quatre: That's true.
Quatre: It's good to have you and Wufei around, or else I'd eat nothing but takeout.
Trowa: *turns to walk backwards, facing Quatre, holding both his hands* We'll have to prevent that....
Trowa: And... what's your favorite type of wine?
Quatre: *has to grin as he follows Trowa* I don't drink wine, actually...
Quatre: Do you?
Trowa: *chews at his lip* Yes....
Trowa: Well, then.... what do you drink?
Quatre: *embarassed* Well, actually, I try not to drink much.
Quatre: Father... well... my family tried to encourage me to hold to the teachings against alcohal.
Quatre: It seems silly now that I'm an adult, but... *shrugs*
Trowa: Oh... Ok... *releases one hand to walk beside him*
Quatre: Besides... it's a little like smoking.
Quatre: With my line of work, I'm almost afraid that, if I ever start, I'll never be able to stop.
Quatre: *ducks his head, a bit sheepish to admit that*
Trowa: *nods, tapping his fingers at his side nervously*
Trowa: *If he wants things to go well with Quatre, he really shouldn't lie to him, but....*
Trowa: Would you have a problem with me drinking?
Quatre: Hm? No, not really.
Quatre: For my family, it's a matter of faith... or at least traditions.
Quatre: But since you're not Muslim, then there would be no reason to follow the same customs.
Trowa: *nods... unable to bring up that he smokes... it's not like he does it often...*
Quatre: *looks around as they come to the corner* Where was the deli you were thinking of?
Trowa: *point* Right down there...
Trowa: *turns down the corner, only a few stores down*
Trowa: Well... if you were to drink... and I know you have before... what kind of wine would you prefer?
Quatre: Hmm... I don't know much about them...
Quatre: I prefer red wines, I'm sure of that.
Trowa: *nods* Just wanted to ask.
Trowa: *pushes open the door to the deli*
Trowa: *it's a very casual place, not especially clean looking, but the people at the counter smile as they enter*
Trowa: Waiter : Hey Barton
Quatre: *looks at Trowa* You come here a lot?
Trowa: Waiter : This must be the blonde you're always talking about *winks*
Trowa: *nods*
Trowa: I come down here to pick up lunch when it's just Duo and I in the yard
Trowa: Waiter : *pulling out a pad of paper* What can I get for you?
Quatre: Hmm.. *turns to Trowa* What would you reccommend?
Trowa: Well, I get the chicken salad on a croissant... but Duo likes almost everything from here.
Quatre: I think chicken salad sounds nice.
Quatre: *looks at the waiter* Could I have that, please?
Trowa: *nods* 2 chicken salads for here, Tony.
Trowa: Waiter : *nods* Sure thing. I'll have it right out.
Trowa: *moves down to the end of the counter, pulling out his wallet*
Trowa: *pays, then pulls Quatre towards a table*
Quatre: *goes along with him*
Quatre: It doesn't seem too crowded this time of day.
Trowa: It's a small shop, but we like it...
Trowa: *sits down across for Quatre*
Quatre: *sits*
Trowa: *their plates are almost immediatly set down in front of them, as well as soft drinks, which Trowa ordered at the register*
Trowa: *Trowa smiles at the waiter, who then leaves them to their food*
Quatre: *pulls one of the drinks over and takes a sip*
Quatre: So, Trowa -- Who's your favorite author?
Quatre: *decides to continue the line of questioning from before*
Trowa: *laughs softly* I don't know... I have a few I like.
Trowa: I like Ayn Rand... and Stephen King.. and a few smutty romance authors...
Quatre: *grins*
Quatre: Really, do there need to be more than one smutty romance author?
Quatre: They're much the same...
Trowa: No... well, maybe...
Trowa: Depends....
Trowa: *takes a bite* What about you?
Quatre: Hmm. Most of the authors I like are older, not very well known ones...
Quatre: I like Stephen King as well, though I've mostly read his more obscure books.
Trowa: *nods* That was the kind of stuff I read when I was younger... I haven't had alot of time to read recently... and what time I have, I'd prefer to spend doing other things
Quatre: *munches on his salad*
Quatre: Yes... it's been a while since I had the time to spare to read a book.
Trowa: Hey Qat...? *he pauses, taking a bite of his salad sandwich*
Quatre: Hmph?
Trowa: *sips his drink...* I was wondering... would you like to got out with me this Friday night? Just the two of us?
Quatre: *caught with his mouth full, hastily swallows*
Quatre: *blinks at Trowa*
Quatre: Go out? Where to?
Quatre: You mean, like... on a date?
Trowa: *nods hesitantly* I was thinking about... maybe we could go out to dinner and... I hadn't thought it all through yet.
Trowa: I wanted to ask first.
Quatre: I would love to.
Quatre: *smiles happily*
Trowa: *smiles* Thank you...
Quatre: I was thinking that we should do somehting like a date this week, but I hadn't thought to bring it up...
Trowa: I wanted to ask you.. like.. *small shrug* I just thought to try and make it... normal, I guess.
Quatre: Thank you.
Quatre: *leans across the table to peck Trowa on the cheek*
Trowa: *beams*
Trowa: I was thinking... we'd leave around six and take the train in. I can get reservations at 7pm
Quatre: Ooh, where to?
Quatre: *happy and bouncy*
Trowa: Umm... I had a restaurant in mind, but I think I may change it.
Trowa: I wanted to be down by the park, though.
Trowa: They have lights up at night, since it's getting near the holidays.
Quatre: You mean, Christmas lights?
Quatre: That sounds beautiful.
Trowa: *nods, smiling* I thought it'd be nice to walk through there.
Quatre: *grins*
Trowa: *quietly* I just want to spend some time with you...
Quatre: *nods, eyes glowing* I'm really looking forward to it...
Quatre: Although, we're spending time together now, aren't we?
Quatre: *takes another bite*
Trowa: *nods* Yes, but... I want to spend more... *eats a bit more as well*
Trowa: *takes Quatre's hand* I just want to do something special....
Quatre: Yes... *squeezes back on Trowa's hand*
Quatre: We can all five do things togehter, but... it's not the same.
Trowa: ===============================

You are now in chat room “Stained Glass Nekos Chat.”
Trowa has entered the chat room.
Quatre: ==RP chat==
Quatre: =Duo's house, L2, Friday=
Trowa: ===The evening of the date===
Quatre: *Quatre is in Duo's office, using his computer*
Quatre: *he started out doing work, but he's finished and is just surfing idly*
Trowa: *knocks*
Quatre: *calls out* Who is it?
Trowa: *opens the door a bit* Just me.
Quatre: Oh, hey.
Quatre: *smiles and pushes his chair back from the desk* What's up?
Trowa: *opens the door, comes in, then shuts it behind him*
Trowa: Just wanted to see what you were up to.
Trowa: *walks over to the desk* You ready for tonight?
Quatre: Um, in a psychological sense, or in a fashion sense?
Quatre: *glances down at his sweatpants* I'd hate to go out in public in these...
Trowa: *sits on the edge* I guess... more in a pschological sense
Trowa: I want to take a shower before we go anyways
Quatre: *nods*
Quatre: I'm... looking forward to it.
Quatre: I guess I'm a little nervous, which is silly, really?
Quatre: I mean, it's just going to be you and me...
Mistress Asher has entered the chat room.
Trowa: *runs his fingers through Quatre's hair*
Quatre: *purrs and leans into the touch*
Quatre: Definitely I feel excited...
Quatre: So yes, I think I'm ready.
Quatre: *taps the side of his head*
Quatre: What about you?
Trowa: *his fingers trail down Quatre's cheek, lifting his chin up* I think I'm ready now...
Trowa: I might not have been before, but... *takes a deep breath*... I am now....
Trowa: *leans down and kisses Quatre*
Quatre: *sighs happily and kisses him back*
Quatre: *reaches up to pull him down into his lap on the chair*
Trowa: *straddles Quatre's lap, kissing him deeply*
Quatre: *moans into Trowa's mouth*
Quatre: ...do we have to go out? can't we just stay here?
Quatre: *only half-serious*
Trowa: *sucking at Quatre's lip* We'll end up here in the end...
Quatre: Mm... that's true...
Quatre: *pushes his tongue into Trowa's mouth, swiping along his lower lip*
Trowa: *wraps his arms a little tighter around Quatre, rubbing against him*
Trowa: If I keep this up... it'll be hard to stop...
Quatre: Mmm...
Quatre: *blinks as something catches his attention*
Quatre: *pulls back a bit, then licks his lips*
Trowa: *nuzzles Quatre's cheek, then starts kissing down his neck*
Quatre: Trowa, were you just now smoking? *surprised*
Trowa: *pulls away and looks at Quatre for a second, his expression unreadable*
Quatre: I didn't know you smoked too.
Trowa: .....Yes.....
Trowa: Too?
Trowa: *chews on his bottom lip, an annoying habit he has when he's nervous*
Trowa: Does it bother you?
Trowa: *He's not sure... Does Quatre know that Duo occasionally smokes*
Quatre: *shakes his head* Not particularly...
Quatre: I know Duo used to...
Trowa: *small nod* He does... sometimes...
Trowa: Mostly when I do, which isn't too often... *looks down* Only when I'm nervous...
Quatre: Nervous?
Quatre: *hugs Trowa*
Quatre: About the date?
Trowa: *leans in to Quatre's touch* Yeah... I just want it to be perfect...
Quatre: Hmm.
Quatre: *kisses him on the cheek* I don't know about that...
Quatre: I just mean, if it were perfect, how would I know it was real?
Trowa: *smiles, relaxing as he realizes that Quatre really doesn't care*
Quatre: I think that's why I prefer a little taste of tobacco...
Quatre: Otherwise, I wouldn't be sure if it was a dream.
Trowa: *grins, kissing Quatre again* Thank you... I was so worried...
Trowa: And it's nice to know that you don't mind. I hate... hiding things from you.
Trowa: *rubs his nose against Quatre's* I decided yesterday that I needed to stop that.
Quatre: *looks worried* You know you don't need to hide things from me...
Quatre: *hugs Trowa* I love you. I want to find out things about you.
Quatre: *sly little smile* Especially things that I can use as blackmail material later on.
Quatre: *winks*
Trowa: *chuckles* I may have to keep those things a secret, then... Till I have something on you in return.
Quatre: *pouts*
Quatre: Okay, fair enough.
Quatre: But that might take a long, long time.
Quatre: Don't you know that I'm a total innocent?
Quatre: *flutters his lashes at Trowa*
Trowa: *narrows his eyes* No you're not and you know it.
Trowa: *sits back, his hands rubbing Quatre's chest* Let's make a deal. You stop hiding things from me and I'll stop hiding things from you.
Quatre: *blinks and then goes serious*
Quatre: *nods* Okay.
Quatre: *thinks*
Quatre: If I think of something that I'm worried about whether or not to tell you... I promise to tell you.
Trowa: *nods, placing a light kiss on Quatre's lips*
Quatre: *apologetically* I shouldn't have made a joke about it...
Quatre: But it's a deal.
Trowa: *smiles softly* Good... Then I have to get something off my chest... before I whine about it more to Heero and he hits me for it.
Quatre: Oh? *cocks his head*
Quatre: What is it?
Trowa: I smoke.... alot... well, not alot, but I've been a basket case lately, so it's been alot recently.
Trowa: And... *takes a deep breath* I drink and I know you don't, but...
Quatre: *pets Trowa's thigh, listening*
Trowa: As long as it doesn't bother you...
Trowa: *shrugs*
Quatre: Drinking?
Trowa: And... *wraps his arms around Quatre's neck*
Quatre: No, that doesn't bother me either... *shakes his head*
Quatre: And?
Trowa: ...ILikeToHaveReallyKinkySexWithHeero...
Quatre: *blinks*
Quatre: Wait, again slower?
Trowa: *smiling, but hides his red face while kissing Quatre's neck*
Quatre: *blinks at the ceiling as Trowa kisses his neck*
Quatre: *not sure he heard right*
Quatre: You like to talk Kinsey with Heero?
Trowa: *takes a deep breath* Heero has some pictures... that I should show you...
Quatre: ...pictures?
Trowa: And a..... home video
Quatre: *thinks of the picture of Trowa that Heero gave him and blushes a little*
Quatre: Video?
Trowa: *is surprised that his head doesn't explode, his face feels so hot at the moment*
Quatre: Wait, you like to have really kinky sex with Heero?
Quatre: *astonished*
Trowa: *bites Quatre's neck gently* Yes...
Quatre: You, he... ohh... that rat!
Quatre: *would stomp his foot if Trowa wasn't sitting on his lap*
Quatre: He never told me! And I was all afraid to tell you..
Trowa: *jumps a bit, looking up at Quatre*
Quatre: *blushing furiously*
Trowa: But apparently, he's a bit different in the way he treats us.
Quatre: Yes! I mean, um...
Quatre: ...Ididn'treallywanttotellyouaboutthetimeIchainedHeeroupandfuckedhimatwork...
Trowa: *licks his lips sexily* You apparently have a fetish that you've been hiding.
Quatre: *indignant look at Trowa, then hides his face against Trowa's shoulder*
Trowa: *softly, looking directly into Quatre's eyes* If you... If you're careful... and.... we talk about it before hand... *hugs Quatre*
Quatre: *eyes widen as the implications sink in*
Quatre: Trowa... but... no, I couldn't...
Quatre: *softly hugs Trowa back*
Trowa: *hugs him, closing his eyes* You have to tell me before hand... you can't sneak up on me like you did Heero. It has to be planned and... and I want to do this for you... with you.
Quatre: But... *bites his lip*
Trowa: But for me... I have to know I have some control. I have to know that if I stay stop, that you'll stop
Quatre: *terribly distressed even though he can't say why*
Quatre: I know! And that's why..
Quatre: What if... I mean, Trowa... what if...
Trowa: *quietly* I trust you, Quatre.... I told Heero I did and I want to prove it to you... and I want you to trust me.
Quatre: *bites his lip again and look down*
Quatre: It's not you that I don't trust, Trowa...
Trowa: *clenches his teeth* It's ok... just... wanted to let you know.
Trowa: *is suddenly feeling really stupid and rejected*
Trowa: *climbs off of Quatre's lap*
Quatre: *looks up at Trowa, trying to smile*
Trowa: I'm gonna go take a shower...
Quatre: But you don't know how much that means to me, Trowa...
Quatre: Oaky.
Trowa: *kisses his thumb then presses it to Quatre's lips* See you later...
Trowa: *almost runs out of the room*
Quatre: *covers his lips with his hand and watches Trowa leave the room*
Trowa: =======================
Trowa: *Trowa rinses the soap out of his hair, much calmer than he was when he got in. He keeps telling himself that Quatre didn't mean it the way it sounded, that he wasn't comfortable with himself or something...*
Quatre: *Quatre slips into the bathroom, and pulls the door shut behind him*
Quatre: *after Trowa ran out so quickly, he spent a little time trying to figure himself out*
Trowa: *He tells himself that it's not him... that Quatre didn't mean to throw away something that was hard to offer... that... He calms himself again*
Quatre: *calls out* Trowa?
Quatre: *quickly pulls off his shoes and socks*
Trowa: *blinks the water out of his eyes*
Quatre: I'm coming in...
Trowa: Quatre? *slicks his bangs back, allowing himself to see*
Quatre: *struggles out of his shirt*
Quatre: *pushes aside the shower certain and steps inside, quickly becoming drenched from the stream of water*
Trowa: *surprised, steps into the water to avoid the rush of cold air that opening the curtain brings*
Trowa: Qat... your pants are still on... what? *reaches out to hold him*
Quatre: I know... I don't care.
Quatre: *grabs Trowa's shoulder and tries to kiss him*
Trowa: *hesitates for a split second, then leans down to kiss Quatre*
Trowa: I'm sorry... I shouldn't have run out like that... I just thought...
Quatre: I know... it's okay... I'm sorry.
Quatre: I just needed a little bit of time to think...
Trowa: *runs his hands down Quatre's back, into the sweatpants as they get soaked*
Quatre: *hugs Trowa a little desperately*
Trowa: I didn't think you cared... I didn't think you knew... how hard it is to... to offer that....
Quatre: No, no... that isn't true... I definitely care.
Quatre: It's just... I never expected that you would offer so much...
Trowa: *rubs his wet body against Quatre's, quickly becoming aroused*
Quatre: *buries his face in Trowa's neck, inhaling the scent rising off his wet skin*
Quatre: Trowa, I... I think I can do this.
Quatre: I know I want to...
Quatre: But it's just... you just... as long as you promise to tell me, anytime I do something that you... you don't like.
Trowa: I just want you... I want you with no holding back, all of you, when you're not worrying about what I might think.
Trowa: And I'll tell you... I promise... I'll tell you if something bothers me...
Quatre: *nods against Trowa's neck*
Quatre: I... just... am afraid to trust myself...
Quatre: But... I can trust you.
Trowa: *catches Quatre's lips in his own, kissing him forcefully*
Quatre: *kisses back desperately, sliding his tongue into Trowa's mouth*
Quatre: ...you don't taste like smoke any more... did you brush your teeth?
Trowa: *leans against the wall, tugging at the soaked sweat pants* Yes.... I always... I usually do.... I just forgot this last time...
Quatre: hmm... it's too bad...
Quatre: *frees his arm from around Trowa's waist to push down the soaked material to a pile of fabric around his ankles*
Quatre: ...how can I know if I'm dreaming?
Trowa: *bites Quatre's shoulder, leaving teeth marks in the skin*
Trowa: *licks the bite mark* You can't feel that in a dream....
Quatre: *gasps*
Quatre: Ohh... no...
Trowa: *sucks at the bite mark* I hope your dreams aren't better than reality...
Quatre: *shakes his head, temporarily mute*
Trowa: Though I've heard I have alot to compete with
Quatre: *eyes half-closed* Trowa...
Quatre: *tilts his head back, exposing more of his throat*
Trowa: *moves his kisses higher, a trail of red marks that goes up to Quatre's neck*
Quatre: *thrusts his hips against Trowa's*
Trowa: *his fingers slide between Quatre's cheeks*
Trowa: I want you, you know... it's been weeks it seems like...
Quatre: ...mmm... it HAS been...
Quatre: At least one week...
Quatre: *spreads his legs a little, leaning back against the wall
Trowa: *rubs his index finger over Quatre's entrance* How long has it been? *pushes his finger inside* Who was the last person to touch you like this?
Quatre: *gasps* Ahh...
Quatre: ...Wufei, I think...
Quatre: I offered... to suck him off... but he said no, he wanted to do it himself...
Trowa: Mmm... *gently moves his finger in and out, careful till he finds a suitable lube* ...was it good?
Quatre: Yess...
Trowa: *grabs Duo's conditioner, pouring some on his fingers*
Trowa: *they slide into Quatre with ease* How would you like this?
Quatre: Wait... wait a minute...
Quatre: *gets his hands between his and Trowa's chest, pushing him back*
Trowa: *a little surprised, but he stops, his hands rubbing Quatre's chest* Sorry...
Quatre: No... just shift over a bit...
Quatre: *pushes Trowa a little to the left, until he can reach up and grab the bar the shower curtain is hanging from*
Quatre: There...
Trowa: *grins* Just don't pull it out of the wall.
Quatre: No promises.
Quatre: Now fuck me...
Trowa: *lifts one of Quatre's legs, pulling it around his waist. He pumps himself twice, then positions himself at Quatre's entrance.*
Trowa: *He knows he hasn't prepped him much, so he pushes in slowly*
Quatre: *groans, letting his head fall back as he's pulled up on his toes*
Trowa: *begins to move slowly, his arms supporting Quatre as he buries his face against his neck, sucking hard*
Quatre: Trowa... *wraps his leg for a better hold around Trowa's waist*
Trowa: *pushes him hard up against the wall, moving faster* God, Qat... You feel so good...
Trowa: Been wanting you... so long... *roughly kisses him on the lips*
Quatre: *gets a better grip on the bar and starts lifting his hips to meet Trowa's thrusts* Tro...
Quatre: I've... missed you.
Trowa: *starts pounding into him, feeling Quatre's cock rub against his stomach between them* Missed you too, baby....
Trowa: *voice is low and lust filled*
Quatre: *cried out, his body rocked by each thrust*
Trowa: *kisses his cheek, a gentle touch that is almost foreign to everything else*
Trowa: *whispers* Don't let me hurt you, either...
Quatre: *whimpers* Never...
Quatre: Trowa... plase, fuck me harder... I need it.
Trowa: Yes.... *moans, moving harder and faster, his fingers digging into Quatre's hips, the nails scratching as he fucks him into the wall*
Quatre: *cries out as Trowa's nails scratch his skin, loving the little bit of pain*
Quatre: Tro...! Oh, Allah, Trowa!
Quatre: *rocks back hard against Trowa, then suddenly yelps as he loses his grip on the bar*
Trowa: *slams Quatre up against the wall, his arms straining to hold him. He knows the tile has to be cold and hard and possibly scratching his back, but at the moment, it's not really on his mind*
Quatre: *makes a grab for Trowa's neck, managing to latch onto his shoulders*
Quatre: Owp!
Trowa: Hold on... *bites his shoulder harder this time, barely breaking the skin as his hands pull Quatre's cheeks apart, fucking him as hard as he can*
Quatre: *nearly screams*
Quatre: Ahhhhh! TROWA!
Trowa: *He's so close, yet he holds back, waiting for Quatre to be there with him*
Quatre: *clings to Trowa, shaking*
Quatre: *feeling giddy and close to passing out from the near-fall*
Quatre: Tro... almost there...
Trowa: Quatre.... Come on baby.... *kisses the bite mark* Touch yourself... I've got you...
Quatre: No... don't wanna let go...
Quatre: *desperately rubs his cock against Trowa's belly, instead*
Quatre: *with a shift in angle, Trowa's cock brushes against his sweet spot, and it's enough to trigger his orgasm*
Trowa: *feels the slickness of Quatre's orgasm splatter between them as Quatre tightens around him and lets himself go, emptying himself into his lover*
Quatre: Tro~waa~!
Trowa: Quatre.... *he pants, sliding down the tile wall till the sit on the bathtub floor*
Quatre: *of necessity, slides with him*
Quatre: *clings to Trowa, his cock still seated inside him*
Trowa: *keeps Quatre in his lap as he sits on the tub floor, then leans up and kisses him passionately*
Quatre: Mmm...
Quatre: ...now I know it wasn't a dream...
Quatre: ...I wouldn't have fallen in a dream. *embarassed*
Trowa: *smiles, rocking his hips gently* It makes it real...
Quatre: *chuckles* ...yeah.
Quatre: Like the taste of tobacco. *kisses Trowa on the mouth*
Trowa: Mmmm....*kisses back, gently pulling out.*
Quatre: *gasps and winces a little*
Trowa: *rubs a finger over Quatre's entrance* You ok?
Quatre: *delightful little shiver* Oohh...
Quatre: ...yes. it was better than ok. *nuzzles Trowa*
Trowa: ((pause))

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