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More RP, a little more plot/angstish

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Dec. 15th, 2003 | 02:52 am
mood: tired tired
music: Kanashimi no requiem - Weiß Kreuz
posted by: kodalai in slow_as_hell

Wufei: *L2-Duo's house*
Wufei: *Wufei is in the kitchen making a chef's salad for tea*
Wufei: *he already has Duo's surprise finished and in the fridge*
Wufei: *he's wearing an apron--not a frilly one*
Wufei has left the room.
Wufei has entered the room.
Heero: *decides to slither out of hiding-- Wufei and Duo seem to be finished, it sounds safe enough*
Heero: *feels nervous, weirdly*
Wufei: *humming as he chops up vegetables*
Heero: *he could feel the emotions coming off from his loves and it made him feel horny, but it wasn't directed to him and he wasn't sure he'd be welcome, so now he feels like a voyeur*
Heero: *sighs and decides to get some food*
Heero: *steps in the kitchen and pauses when he sees Wufei*
Wufei: *happily transferring chopped lettuce to the salad bowl*
Wufei: *checks to see how the eggs are doing then turns to get the capsicum out of the fridge*
Wufei: *blinks at Heero*
Heero: ... hey.
Wufei: Heero--I didn't hear you come in.
Heero: *smiles* I'm barefoot.
Heero: *walks in quietly*
Wufei: *smiles* Your too quiet for your own good you mean.
Wufei: You looking for something?
Heero: .. just something to eat.
Heero: *goes to check the fridge*
Wufei: Dinner won't be far off.
Wufei: Do you want to help me get it ready?
Wufei: Then we can eat faster.
Heero: .okay.
Heero: What do you want me to do?
Wufei: *gives Heero the chopping board and knife* If you finish the vegetables, I can start on the chicken and dressing.
Heero: *nods and begins to cut the vegetables*
Wufei: *beginning to mix together the dressing in a pan* By the way ...
Wufei: I don't think I properly expressed my appreciation of the tattoo.
Heero: *surprised, glances up*
Heero: *smiles* Heh. It's still too tender for proper appreciation.
Wufei: True ... but other parts of you aren't. *caresses Heero's butt briefly*
Heero: *jumps a little, surprised*
Heero: ... yeah. *chuckles softly*
Heero: *feels out of balance*
Wufei: *kisses Heero's neck*
Wufei: you know I love you, right?
Heero: *shivers*
Heero: of course. *blinks*
Wufei: *flicks Heero's nose, teasingly* And that I'll stay with you?
Heero: *smiles* of course.
Heero: *he does know it, intellectually*
Wufei: *smiles back, pleased*
Wufei: I mean that you know--*his hand falls to his own tattoo, visible on his hip*
Wufei: I'm not as good as Duo at expressing my emotions but--
Heero: *turns around and pulls wufei close*
Heero: It's okay. *hand on his heart* You don't need to, remember?
Wufei: *hugs back*
Wufei: *places his hand over Heero's and leans up to kiss him*
Heero: *kisses back softly*
Heero: *hugs wufei tight*
Wufei: *pulls back a little* Are you--do you still feel bad about what I said yesterday?
Heero: *blinks* eh? I didn't-- it's okay.
Wufei: lovers are allowed to feel upset with each other.
Wufei: if something I do upsets you, I want you to tell me.
Wufei: *rests his hand on Heero* okay?
Heero: *blink* ... okay. but I wasn't upset...
Wufei: Good. I was worried that you were.
Wufei: *cuddles a moment longer*
Heero: *rubs wufei's back*
Heero: ... I was just... a little sad. You implied I was just humoring Duo.
Wufei: I didn't mean to imply that.
Wufei: I think more of you than that, dearest.
Heero: *sighs* I know, but that's what it sounded like.
Wufei: Well, I talked to Duo.
Wufei: And seeing him so happy--I suppose I have changed my mind a little.
Heero: *which means he did think that it was a stupid idea*
Wufei: I still don't want to get married, but--if you do, that's your decision, not mine, isn't it?
Heero: *frowns a little*
Heero: ... yeah.
Wufei: Besides your marriage will be nothing like mine--especially not with Quatre and Trowa proposing as well.
Wufei: *shakes his head* Now that will be interesting--
Heero: .. heh. *little smile*
Heero: *doesn't feel very happy*
Heero: *kisses wufei's cheek then turns back to his vegetables* Better go back to cooking.
Wufei: Love--
Wufei: *hesitates not knowing what he wants to say*
Heero: yeah?
Quatre: *Quatre wanders into the kitchen, not paying much attention to his surroundings*
Wufei: *settles for kissing Heero's cheek*
Wufei: Quatre--hello.
Quatre: I smell food...
Wufei: Dinner is not far off.
Quatre: Hello, Wufei.
Wufei: *turns back to the dressing*
Quatre: *nods at Heero* Hello, Heero.
Quatre: *blinks at the back of Wufei's apron*
Heero: *smiles back at quatre*
Wufei: *stirring the dressing, then fetches the chicken (roasted, just needing to be cut up) from the fridge*
Wufei: So how was your day?
Quatre: Oh -- pretty slow.
Quatre: *eyes following Wufei's back, a bit distracted*
Heero: *works on the vegetables*
Wufei: *cuts up the chicken* Heero, when you're finished you can start putting everything in the salad bowl--Quatre do you want to set the table?
Heero: *nods quietly*
Quatre: Heuh? Oh -- sure!
Wufei: *wondering if Quatre could possibly stuff up stirring in the dressing*
Quatre: *blinks, breaking out of his trance*
Quatre: *starts to move, then stops, flustered*
Quatre: Uhm, where are the dishes?
Wufei: *points to the cupboard*
Wufei: and knives and forks in the drawer below.
Quatre: Right...
Quatre: *moves to the cupboard and grabs the plates and knives*
Wufei: *shares amused smile with Heero*
Heero: *chuckles and shakes his head* Hopeless.
Quatre: *tries to glare over his shoulder, and ends up dropping several pieces of silverware*
Quatre: I -- Hey!
Quatre: *grabs at them*
Wufei: *finishes the chicken and adds it to the salad*
Heero: *adds his stuff in the salad bowl*
Wufei: Does someone want to go and fetch Duo?
Heero: Where is he?
Heero: *cleans his hands*
Wufei: When I last saw him he was in his room, resting.
Heero: *nods* i'll go get him then.
Quatre: I can go and --
Heero: No, it's fine. I'll be right back. *leaves the kitchen*
Quatre: *finds himself staring again and breaks it off, blushing*
Wufei: *smiles at Quatre*
Quatre: Dinner smells really good, Wufei.
Wufei: It's only a salad--no cooking involved.
Wufei: Come over here and I'll show you how to add the dressing.
Quatre: *brain not in gear*
Quatre: Okay...
Quatre: *goes over to the counter next to Wufei*
Wufei: *points out the different ingredients for Quatre* Basically you can add whatever you want to.
Wufei: Within reason.
Wufei: No ... bananas for example.
Quatre: *blinks*
Quatre: Bananas... in salad?
Quatre: *gives Wufei a look askance*
Wufei: *coughs* I heard about the sandwiches.
Quatre: *flushes* They're *good* in sandwiches!
Quatre: But you wouldn't put peanut butter in salads, either, would you?
Wufei: No.
Wufei: Never.
Quatre: *shudders*
Wufei: *stirs in the dressing*
Wufei: We have french bread in a bag over there as well. Could you set that out?
Quatre: Of course. *goes to fetch the bread*
Wufei: *sets the salad on the table and opens the fridge to get some orange juice out*
Wufei: *bending over to search for the orange juice*
Quatre: *gasps and whirls around to present his back to Wufei*
Quatre: *quite pink and overheated*
Wufei: *having problems finding the orange juice*
Wufei: Quatre, have you been in the fridge?
Quatre: E-er, yes...
Quatre: Earlier this afternoon I was looking for something to eat...
Wufei: Did you see a carton of orange juice?
Wufei: Wait--I've found it--in the vegetable drawer?
Wufei: *going through the fridge to rearrange things*
Quatre: Ah... I was looking for apples
Heero: *comes back in the kitchen*
Heero: *blinks at wufei's ass, noticing that he's naked under the apron*
Heero: *he did notice before, but somehow it didn't register*
Heero: *he's holding duo's hand and pulls him in*
Quatre: *busying himself arranging the table, trying to suppress his blush*
Duo: *yawns and staggers in, wearing only a too-large shirt that looks like it belongs to Trowa*
Duo: *he's got the 'well-fucked' expression*
Duo: *his braid is all messy to boot*
Quatre: *looks at Duo, then away*
Duo: ... food...?
Heero: *guides duo to the table*
Quatre: *is everybody determined to torment him this evening?*
Quatre: Soon...
Duo: *sits down very very carefully*
Duo: ... ow...
Wufei: *puts the orange juice on the table and shuts the fridge*
Wufei: Would you like a cushion?
Heero: *leaves for the living room*
Heero: *comes back with a cushion*
Wufei: *smiles at Heero's back and pats Duo's shoulder*
Wufei: *puts glasses on the table then sits down*
Duo: *eyes brighten when he sees the cushion*
Wufei: Trowa's not back yet from those errands?
Duo: *shakes his head*
Heero: *gives duo the cushion*
Quatre: No... I haven't seen him...
Duo: There was a shipment that had to be sent out...
Quatre: *helps Duo arrange the cushion and seats him on it
Duo: *sighs of relief*
Duo: ... thanks.
Duo: I really thought it wouldn't take this long...
Heero: *leans against the wall*
Duo: *pillows his arms on the table and lays down*
Duo: *the shirt pulls up*
Heero: *tries not to watch*
Quatre: *watches with great appreciation*
Quatre: *pokes Duo gently in the arm* You wanted food...
Quatre: You have to be awake to eat it, you know.
Duo: *his ass is bare, pillowed on the cushion*
Duo: I'll wake up when I have to. I'm tired.
Duo: *grumbles*
Wufei: *sits down* Well, we can start--we'll just have to leave something for Trowa.
Quatre: *nods, looking disappointed*
Heero: *sits down at duo's side*
Duo: ... maybe we can spend some time together? Tonight?
Quatre: By the time he gets home, I'll probably be hungry again..
Quatre: *munches on some of the bread*
Duo: *steals some bread from Quatre* You're gettin' worse than me.
Quatre: Impossible! *grabs his bread back*
Duo: Oi!
Duo: *takes a piece and munches*
Quatre: *stuffs it in his mouth*
Heero: *snorts and gives duo some of his own bread*
Duo: *elans against Heero* I knew you loved me, 'Ro...
Duo: *munch*
Wufei: *smiles, enjoying the interaction*
Wufei: Maybe a movie or something?
Duo: We can find something.
Heero: You want the five of us to sleep in the same bed? We're going to have to move the couch again.
Duo: Maybe make fun of something on vid.
Quatre: *laughs*
Quatre: I think we should...
Wufei: *nods*
Quatre: Move the couch again, I mean.
Quatre: I would... really like to all sleep in the same bed again.
Wufei: *nods*
Heero: *smiles* Sleep?
Duo: *smiles at the idea* I would, too...
Quatre: Sleep!
Quatre: *blush returns again*
Duo: I wouldn't mind more than sleep!
Duo: *blinks* ... I think we're running out of lube.
Wufei: I got some.
Wufei: With the shopping.
Wufei: *looks vaguely embarrassed*
Quatre: *eyes Heero suspiciously* We might have more on hand if they didn't keep vanishing to places all over the house...
Duo: *giggles*
Duo: I think the couch eats them.
Quatre: Trying to get hold of some is like going on an easter egg hunt sometime.
Duo: I have this package of flavored lubes...
Wufei: flavoured?
Duo: *nods* It was a... gift.
Duo: Twelve different flavors.
Heero: *snorts*
Quatre: *giggles*
Heero: You would notice that they're always where you need them. that is because I placed them by the most likely places to get banged at.
Duo: *nudges Heero* Don't make that sound or I won't let ya try out the chocolate body paint.
Heero: *looks innocent*
Heero: that's cruel.
Duo: *blinks* You did?!
Quatre: Ohh... that stuff!
Quatre: *dreamy look*
Wufei: *coughs* This food is here to be eaten.
Duo: *gives Wufei an embarassed look* Sorry, Wu-bear!
Quatre: *reaches for the salad*
Duo: *dishes out the food*
Heero: *eat quietly, still feeling slightly out of balance*
Duo: *eats heartilly*
Wufei: Um ... I was thinking.
Heero: hmm?
Quatre: *eats very quickly, but still with the manners that have been drilled into him*
Quatre: *swallows* Mmm? Thinking what?
Wufei: *stirs the salad on his plate around, not sure how to put this into words*
Duo: Warshssisit?
Duo: *talking with his mouth full*
Wufei: Since--you're all getting married and everything--even though I'm not, I'd like to get us something towards the house.
Wufei: For the 5 of us.
Quatre: *looks at Wufei with wide eyes*
Heero: *blinks*
Wufei: I was thinking maybe a bed? Or--I don't know. *undertain*
Duo: *chokes*
Heero: what do you mean?
Heero: .. oh.
Duo: *coughcoughcough*
Heero: It's going to be hard to find a bed big enough, but that would be worth it. *smiles*
Quatre: *pounds on Duo's back*
Wufei: It can't be anything really big. I--I'm on paid leave now, but--you think it would work>
Wufei: and someone give Duo some water.
Quatre: *turns to Wufei* Wufei --
Duo: *hacks into his napkin*
Quatre: *bites his lip, not sure how to say this that won't sound incredibly condescending*
Duo: *swallows water*
Quatre: Wufei -- if you can go looking and find something that would be perfect for all five of us, then --
Quatre: That would be more than wonderful. But --
Quatre: I just don't see why you should have to spend your own money on it, when you're --
Quatre: *stops, flustered -- not wanting to bring up the issue of Wufei's possible pending unemployment*
Duo: *starts to laugh*
Quatre: *shoots an offended look at Duo*
Duo: Q-babe, I know you're our sugar daddy and all...
Quatre: It's not funny, Duo! *indignant*
Quatre: I mean, in a few months Wufei might not even *have* a job and --
Quatre: *stops, horrified at himself*
Duo: *stops laughing*
Heero: *winces*
Duo: W-what?
Quatre: I -- No! I didn't mean that --
Heero: ... Might be wise to start pooling our resources.
Heero: *blinks at Duo*
Heero: *he doesn't know? oooh shit*
Duo: What the hell are you all talking about?
Wufei: If things come to that then I can use my severence pay for that.
Quatre: *stuffs his mouth full of bread, to try and keep his foot out*
Duo: Why wouldn't Wu have a job?
Duo: Preventers ain't gonna go belly up any time soon.
Wufei: I ... came back early because things did not go well on the last assignment.
Duo: *stares at Wufei*
Duo: Huh? Tro... I remember he said something like that... but no one told me more...
Duo: I thought it was some minor thing.
Heero: *winces again*
Quatre: *miserably*
Heero: Wufei-- you didn't tell him? *surprised*
Duo: *looks back and forth between them*
Duo: *sits back in his chair, speechless*
Wufei: *shakes his head* I never had the chance. Duo was hard enough to pin down to eat lunch--and--well, I didn't want to have to think about it. *sighs* Duo, I'm on paid leave pending a manslaughter investigation.
Quatre: *looks at Wufei, not knowing what to say*
Duo: M-manslaughter?
Duo: You were... a witness...?
Wufei: If I'm cleared--and there is a good chance I will be, Lady Une has assured me I can return to my current position.
Wufei: *shakes his head*
Duo: *stares* You killed someone?!
Wufei: It was accidental. *looks down*
Quatre: *reaches out tentatively for Wufei's hand, not sure if he'd be welcome*
Heero: *reaches out and touches wufei's shoulder, unsure*
Wufei: *he feels horribly ashamed about this--blinks at Quatre and tightens his fingers around his*
Duo: Who...?
Duo: Not... an innocent, right?
Wufei: *smiles at Heero tentatively*
Duo: You were on a mission...
Wufei: Not by any stretch of the imagination innocent.
Duo: Then?
Duo: I mean... you're allowed, ain't ya? As a Preventer?
Wufei: But--I never meant to kill him.
Heero: *growls* Maybe but fuck, I hate that you had to kill someone but he deserved it!!
Duo: That's why you're allowed weapons liscenses...
Duo: Who was the guy?
Duo: *morbidly curious*
Duo: If he deserved it...
Wufei: *sighs*
Wufei: You know our old friend from l4?
Quatre: *blinks and looks up -- he hadn't heard the full story before*
Quatre: You mean...?
Wufei: The second strik--the first team sent in to secure the building ran into difficulties. I was leading the team meant to retrieve them--
Duo: *stunned*
Duo: THAT fucking bastard?!
Duo: *suddenly angry*
Duo: Well, I fuckin' hope he suffered before he kicked it!
Wufei: *winces*
Heero: Duo!!
Duo: *growls* He deserves it!
Heero: *sighs* Deserving or not, I'm sure Wufei didn't like having to kill again.
Duo: He's fuckin' lucky I didn't find him first!
Quatre: *looks at Duo anxiously* Duo...
Quatre: ..it's not... it's not a question of whether he deserved it or not...
Wufei: *stands up quietly and walks out of the kitchen*
Quatre: Wufei...?
Duo: *watches Wufei leave* Awww... shit!
Duo: Wu!
Quatre: *looks at Heero*
Heero: *winces*
Quatre: *subdued* Should... someone go after him?
Quatre: *he can't read Wufei at all right now*
Duo: *sits heavily, covering his face with his hands*
Heero: *shakes his head* he wouldn't welcome anyone right now. i'll go later.
Quatre: *sighs*
Duo: Shit shit shit...
Quatre: *scoots over to lay an arm over Duo's shoulders*
Heero: *pokes at his food*
Quatre: Duo... it's not your fault...
Quatre: I really shouldn't have said anything so stupid...
Heero: ... not having to kill is more important than getting rid of the bastard to him. You're different on that point of view.
Duo: I should've kept my big mouth shut.


Duo: ===========================
Wufei: -----------------------------------
Duo: -- RP Chat --
Duo: -- Salvage Yard --
Duo: *Duo is in the yard, angrily punching a piece of scrap*
Duo: *he's got his hands wrapped, but it's not much*
Wufei: *piece of scrap*: clunk.
Duo: *frowns at the scrap and kicks it*
Duo: *kicks it more before setting it up to punch again*
Trowa: *Grabs Duo's hand as he pulls back for another punch, stopping him*
Trowa: Don't.... *wraps an arm around his waist*
Duo: *startled*
Duo: What the fuck?!
Trowa: *kisses his shoulder, holding him tight*
Trowa: Why are you so upset?
Duo: *leans into Trowa, his anger dissipating*
Trowa: *rubs his hand, opening the fingers slowly*
Duo: I... fucked up bad, Tro...
Duo: *drops his head*
Trowa: *gently holds Duo's hand in his*
Trowa: Wanna tell me about it?
Trowa: *starts to unwrap it. It's going to need clean dressings*
Duo: *winces*
Duo: *hurt* ... why didn't anyone tell me about Wu?
Duo: *looks at Trowa*
Trowa: *confused* What about him?
Duo: If someone told me...!
Duo: About Preventers!
Trowa: Ah.... *rests his head on his shoulder, massaging his fingers*
Trowa: I didn't know.... I thought someone had already...
Trowa: *sighs*
Trowa: what happened then?
Duo: *frowns* I totally stuck my foot in my mouth during dinner!
Duo: I didn't know anything, and then Wu got up and left after I went off on how that bastard deserved to die!
Duo: *shudders*
Duo: God... if I had known...
Trowa: *cuddles him* But you didn't... I'm sure he'll forgive you.
Duo: He took it pretty bad...
Duo: Why don't I know when to shut the fuck up?
Duo: *hugs Trowa*
Trowa: *hugs Duo, starting to lead him towards the house* Come on. Let's go inside and get you cleaned up.
Trowa: *quietly* You... knew the guy?
Duo: You can say that.
Duo: *growls* He wanted to know Wufei. Biblically.
Trowa: *blinks* Wait... is this the same guy from before? The one that held you both captive?
Trowa: HE'S the one Wufei killed?!
Duo: Yes!
Duo: *growls again*
Trowa: *understanding suddenly*
Duo: Fuckin' lucky I didn't get my hands on him or I woulda skinned his hide beforehand!
Trowa: *pets Duo, opening the door to the house, leading him in* Shhhh.... I know. And Wufei knows.
Trowa: He's just upset.
Duo: *deflates*
Duo: ... maybe I should just shut up.
Trowa: *trying to be comforting*
Duo: Wu don't think of things the same way I do.
Trowa: *kisses his cheek* Maybe not, but I'm sure he understands the feelings behind it.
Trowa: He's just upset that he let his get the best of him.
Duo: Ya think?
Duo: I don't... I just won't bring it up again.
Trowa: *leads Duo into the bathroom* Would you like me to try talking to him?
Duo: I'm not gonna change my feelings about this. I'm glad the asswipe is dead.
Duo: *looks at Trowa* Would ya?
Duo: Oh god... now I sound like some sorta pussy.
Trowa: *brushes Duo's hair out of his face* No... it's ok. Just... don
Trowa: 't bring it up again. I know your feelings, but...
Trowa: Wufei needs some time to calm down right now.
Duo: *nods* I don't wanna do anything to push him away.
Trowa: *turns on the shower for Duo*
Trowa: *kisses him lightly on the lips*
Duo: *blinks at the sound of the water*
Duo: *kisses back*
Trowa: Everythign will be ok, Love...
Trowa: Clean up and I'll see you soon, ok?
Trowa: I'll see how Wufei's feeling.
Duo: *sighs* Okay...
Duo: Make sure he's not angry at me?
Duo: *a bit afraid of that*
Trowa: *nods* Of course...
Trowa: *kisses him once more and leaves*
Duo: *closes the door and strips for a shower*
Wufei: *lying on the bed in Duo's room*
Trowa: *slowly pushes open the door to Duo's room. The lights are off, but he can see someone on the bed.*
Trowa: *His eyes adjust and he walks in slowly, sitting on the edge*
Wufei: *remains still*
Trowa: *gently plays with Wufei's hair, then lays down beside him. He knows it's assuming alot to be this comfortable, but... Wufei was there for him when he needed it last*
Trowa: *tenitively wraps an arm around Wufei's waist, spooning him from behind*
Trowa: *whispers* Fei?
Wufei: *pats Trowa's cheek, appreciating the gesture*
Wufei: Trowa.
Trowa: *nods, his hair brushing against Wufei's neck*
Wufei: I don't feel much like talking, I'm afraid.
Trowa: *nuzzles close* You heard me talking to Duo?
Wufei: If you talked to Duo then you should know I'm not going to be great company right now.
Trowa: I talked to Duo.... and that's why I'm here.
Trowa: I think you're always good company.
Trowa: But.... I want to be with you.
Wufei: *has to smile at that*
Trowa: You.... were there for me.
Wufei: *sighs, cuddling up to Trowa* Thank you.
Trowa: *pets Wufei's hair* Welcome... but you don't need to thank me.
Wufei: *turns around to kiss Trowa lightly*
Wufei: Have you eaten yet?
Trowa: *cuddles for a minute, kissing Wufei back* No, but... I don't want to right now.
Trowa: I will later.
Wufei: *smiles* Tell me when you do. I ... didn't eat anything either.
Trowa: *blinks* Well... do you want to go now?
Trowa: Or I can go get it and bring it in here, if that would be better.
Wufei: I should come out of here, I think. The others are probably worrying about me.
Trowa: *caresses his face* Duo thinks you're angry at him.
Trowa: I told him you were just upset.... am I right?
Wufei: *nods* I--I've been doing a very good job of pretending that nothing happened.
Wufei: I didn't like haven't to think about it again.
Wufei: Its not as though I can make it not have happened by not thinking about it.
Wufei: But ... its not going to change anything.
Trowa: *nuzzles his face* He didn't know.... He wouldn't have said anything if he had known how much it had hurt you.
Wufei: So I don't want to think of it more than I have to--of course he didn't know.
Wufei: I didn't want to tell any of you.
Trowa: *pulls Wufei closer* It's easiest to try and forget about it, when it's something like that. You want to hide it away and never let anyone know, especially those that mean alot to you.
Trowa: But... it
Trowa: 's a part of you now. And... it changes the way you act, the way you feel.
Wufei: *cuddles up to Tro, resting his head thoughtfully against Tro's shoulder*
Trowa: We have to help you... and we want to help you.
Trowa: Eventually, it will all be ok.
Wufei: *quiet, thinking over Trowa's words*
Trowa: *whispers* I won't judge you if you don't judge me.
Wufei: *holds Trowa's hand tightly*
Wufei: I feel so bad for failing--
Trowa: *squeezes his hand*
Trowa: I don't think you failed, but.... I just want you to be ok
Wufei: I panicked and *sighs* I don't know what's going to happen.
Trowa: Wufei, they have to be able to see it from your point of view. I think everyone knows you didn't do it on purpose....
Trowa: But I know... how much this job meant to you.
Wufei: *listens to Trowa*
Trowa: Will you be ok? If they... don't let you come back?
Wufei: I don't know if I can go back.
Wufei: I--This could happen again.
Wufei: And I--I was lucky this time, that it was only me involved.
Wufei: But what if another agent had been hurt because of me?
Wufei: I don't know if I can take that risk.
Trowa: *small nod*
Trowa: Maybe... I gave alot of thought to why I wanted to work the preventers after that rescue mission for you and Duo.
Trowa: I realized... I'd had enough of the danger. I wanted the excitement, but... I didn't want to have a gun in my hand.
Trowa: I've had one there almost all my life.
Trowa: I think there are ways to protect others and ways to make a difference that don't involve killing or battles....
Wufei: *nods, thoughtfully*
Trowa: Ones where we don't have to make those kinds of decisions.
Trowa: I... I'm not good when it comes to things like that.
Trowa: I probably would have shot him on sight.
Trowa: I think you a better man.... You at least tried not to
Wufei: *sighs* Thank you, Trowa.
Wufei: You've given me something to think about.
Trowa: *small smile*
Wufei: *kisses him*
Wufei: Can we stay here a little longer?
Wufei: I ... feel better like this.
Trowa: *nods, kissing him again* yes... I like this.
Wufei: *smiles, playing with Trowa's hair*
Wufei: I'm not upset with Duo.
Wufei: I just--I don't think he realises how serious this is.
Wufei: A man is dead who shouldn't be, and I'm under investigation.
Wufei: I ... I suppose I'm scared.
Trowa: *nods* I think.... I think he's speaking from his heart, not his head. Logically, you're right, but...
Trowa: I think, to protect you, he really would have killed that man
Wufei: *mouth opens, but he doesn't know what to say*
Trowa: He's just.... He doesn't understand why you regret it.
Trowa: Because he's not thinking of the consequences. And... he feels like that man deserved it, for hurting someone he cares so much about.
Trowa: I don't think he meant to belittle the situation.
Wufei: *quiet, taking comfort in Trowa's hold*
Wufei: I suppose you're right.
Trowa: *holds him close, rubbing his back*
Trowa: *small smile* I'm always right.
Wufei: *smiles* So--how does salad sound?
Trowa: Sounds good.... *leans in and kisses Wufei slowly and deeply*
Wufei: *kisses back*
Wufei: Give me a moment to put clothes on.
Trowa: Hm?
Trowa: *slides his hands down, beneath the covers*
Trowa: *it was such a non-sexual situation that Trowa hadn't even paid attention, but now...*
Trowa: *runs his hand up a bare thigh*
Wufei: *wriggles*
Trowa: *feels the ties at the waist* What exactly are you wear?
Wufei: Trowa--
Wufei: An apron. *defensive*
Trowa: *his hand slides up, feeling it* Can I see it?
Wufei: It's an apron.
Wufei: You've seen it.
Wufei: The white thing that sometimes gets used when we run out of teatowels?
Trowa: *deflates a little, removing his hand. It's obvious that Wufei's not in a mood to play*
Trowa: *smiles, kissing him on the cheek*
Trowa: Yes, I know...
Wufei: The only reason I'm wearing it is because cooking while naked is a bad idea.
Wufei: *blushing a little*
Trowa: *leers, then squashes it* Yes... I could see that.
Trowa: *looks longingly at Wufei, then sits up*
Duo: *comes down the hallway, a towel around his hips and another wrapped around his hair*
Wufei: *takes the opportunity to wriggle out from under the covers*
Trowa: *looks away, turning and taking a deep breath* I should... let you change.
Duo: *enters the bedroom and stops short*
Duo: Whoa... am I interrupting?
Trowa: *looks up at Duo, then back at Wufei, blushing a bit* No... I was just going to let Wufei get dressed
Duo: *gives Wufei a little look* Oh... well, stick around then. I gotta get dressed, too.
Duo: 'Ro an' Q-ball are in the living room arguing about what we should watch on vid.
Wufei: *smiles shyly in Duo's direction*
Wufei: I--you never got your surprised did you?
Wufei: *undoing the apron*
Duo: Surprise?
Wufei: *difficulty with the knot* *nods*
Duo: *blinks* When did I get a surprise?
Wufei: I promised you one with dinner.
Trowa: *grits his teeth, standing* I'll... be in the bathroom.
Trowa: *his eyes rake over Duo's body as he heads for the door*
Duo: Oh...
Duo: Ah... Tro?
Duo: *blinkblinks, confused*
Wufei: He didn't have kick arse sex this afternoon.
Trowa: *stops beside Duo, not able to conceal the front of his pants*
Duo: You're not stayin'? I'll be dressed real fast... I hope ya don't mind if I steal another of your shirts.
Duo: OH!
Duo: *drops his eyes to the front of Trowa's pants*
Trowa: *pouts a little* I didn't have sex at all... or yesterday... or the day before.
Wufei: We've been remiss.
Duo: *shocked*
Duo: Not at all?
Trowa: *shakes his head* It's ok... I just... need to cool off.
Trowa: *shrugs* Quatre and I are... trying to meet on another level.
Duo: *reaches out and puts his hand on Trowa's hip*
Wufei: *goes over to join them both*
Duo: You've got more than one lover, Tro...
Trowa: *looks at Duo's hand, then at Wufei* I didn't mean you had to... I mean...
Wufei: *wraps his arms around Tro from behind*
Wufei: *affectionately* Silly.
Duo: Very silly.
Duo: *presses up to Trowa's front*
Wufei: If you don't mind waiting a little longer for tea then I think Duo and I would like to make amends for our improper state of dress--*teasing*
Duo: *laughs*
Trowa: *groans* Don't tease me....
Duo: *kisses Trowa's throat*
Duo: I'm not a tease...!
Wufei: *presses more tightly against Trowa, stroking his sides*
Wufei: Duo, Trowa seems to me to be somewhat overdressed.
Duo: *nods* We should do something about that.
Trowa: *reaches behind him, his hands on Wufei's hips*
Trowa: I didn't.... I know you're not.... *panting*
Trowa: *shivers as his hands slide over Wufei's bare skin*
Duo: *unfastens Trowa's pants, the zipper rasping*
Wufei: *slides Trowa's shirt up, stroking his bare skin*
Trowa: *tilts his head to the sides, kissing Wufei as he watches Duo, his words jumbled between the kisses*
Trowa: You don't... have to... Ah.... Please... I...
Duo: *has a lustfully focused expression as he unbuttons Trowa's shirt*
Duo: But we WANT to.
Wufei: *kisses back, enjoying Trowa's growing incoherency*
Duo: Now don't complain or I'll gag you!
Wufei: We want to very much.
Wufei: *nibbles on Trowa's nec*
Duo: *pushes Trowa's shirt open fully and licks his chest*
Trowa: *laughs a bit nervously*
Trowa: *He can count the number of sexual situations he's been in with Wufei on one hand.... he doesn't want to mess something up*
Trowa: *But... Duo can be so persuasive... especially with his mouth*
Trowa: I don't want... a gag.... not today...
Duo: *suckles on Trowa's nipples*
Wufei: *chuckles* Good because it would be a shame not to hear you--*
Wufei: *its a lot trickier undoing Trowa's shirt from the back*
Wufei: *some of those buttons are being real little buggers*
Duo: *subtly starts moving them towards the bed*
Trowa: Nnnn... I... *glances towards the door*
Wufei: *licks Trowa's neck* What's the matter?
Trowa: Shut the door. *lays back on the bed* I just want it to be us... this time.
Duo: *sees the look, then kicks out his foot, closing the door*
Duo: There.
Trowa: *runs his fingers through Wufei hair, smiling, looking at them both* Thanks.
Wufei: *smiles back, playing with Trowa's hair and leaning in to kiss his forehead*
Duo: *stands at the side of the bed and drops his towel*
Trowa: *reaches out to guide Duo onto the bed*
Wufei: *turns to watch them interact*
Trowa: *looks over to Wufei, not wanting to make him feel left out*
Duo: *grins and yanks the towel off his hair, letting it all fall down his back*
Duo: *tosses his head* Like what ya see?
Trowa: *gets up on his knees facing Duo, pulling him onto the bed* You know I do.
Wufei: Very much so infact.
Duo: *laughs as he's pulled onto the bed*
Wufei: *trying to wriggle out of the apron without untying it*
Duo: *swats Wufei's hands* It's tight...
Duo: Lemme help...
Trowa: *pulls at the ties, but is more distracted by Wufei's skin*
Wufei: *presents his back to DUo*
Wufei: *plays with Trowa's chest while he waits*
Duo: *takes the opportunity to kiss Wufei's tattoo as he unties the knot*
Trowa: *his fingers play over the front, moving beneath it cautiously*
Wufei: *wriggles*
Wufei: Thank you, Duo.
Duo: *tosses the apron to the side*
Duo: *kisses Wufei's tattoo again* Getting you naked isn't a chore...
Wufei: *chuckles*
Wufei: I didn't think they'd be much point in getting dressed again ... but I never expected this. *looks from Duo to Tro*
Wufei: How did I get so lucky?
Duo: *grins and slaps Wufei's thigh*
Wufei: *teases Trowa's nipple between his fingers experimentally*
Duo: Because you know me.
Trowa: *smiles, suddenly shy, even though his fingers are touching lightly around Wufei's cock*
Trowa: *moans, his eyes falling half shut at Wufei's touch*
Duo: *moves and starts to kiss Trowa's shoulders*
Duo: Well... I'm not up to being taken again... not after the way Wu plowed me earlier...
Duo: *nuzzles Trowa's ear*
Trowa: *leans back into Duo, feeling particularly wanton*
Trowa: *purposely rubs his ass against Duo*
Wufei: *looks like he;s unsure whether he should be pleased or embarrassed*
Duo: *groans and nips Trowa's shoulder*
Duo: Watch where ya stick that thing, Tro...
Duo: *rubs himself against Trowa's ass*
Trowa: *wraps his hand around Wufei's cock* You took Duo earlier?
Wufei: *nods, gasping slightly*
Wufei: yes--he wasn't complaining then I might add.
Trowa: *moans softly, spreading his legs a bit more for Duo*
Duo: *pokes his head around Trowa's shoulder* You plowed me like I was a field!
Wufei: *winds his other hand in Duo's hair*
Duo: I'm lucky I can walk!
Trowa: Mmm.... But you didn't have a problem with that, did you?
Wufei: *nuzzles Duo's neck*
Duo: *searches for the lube*
Trowa: You only complain now because you can't do it again.
Duo: Unnnn... well, I guess I'll have to let you have a taste of it, Tro...
Trowa: Is there anything I can offer you.... of equal value?
Duo: *bumps into Trowa's rear purposefully* Maybe.
Wufei: *chuckles, planting another kiss on Duo's neck before lying along Tro's side, nuzzling his neck*
Trowa: well if you don't want it someone else might.
Trowa: *strokes Wufei slowly*
Duo: *growls and snatches up the lube, uncapping it* Now YOU'RE being the tease.
Trowa: *keeps ahold of Wufei, but turns to look at Duo* You know I don't offer myself lightly, Love.
Trowa: But you and Wufei... you are of the privalaged few.
Quatre has entered the room.
Duo: *kisses Trowa's shoulder*
Trowa: *turns back to Wufei, pulling him in for a kiss* Not yet for us.... but... some time.
Duo: *slides a slick finger into Trowa*
Trowa: *leans his head back on Duo's shoulder with a groan of pleasure* Yes....
Wufei: *kisses Trowa's jaw, breaking off to moan as Trowa continues to stroke him*
Wufei: Trowa--
Duo: *pushes in two fingers, scissoring them to loosen Trowa*
Duo: *he doesn't know the last time Trowa was taken*
Trowa: *looks at Wufei, his breath shakey* Y-Yes? *plays with Wufei's hair*
Duo: *is idly nibbling on Trowa's shoulder and back as he stretched his lover*
Wufei: *moans, infusing the sound with need*
Duo: *works in the third finger, plunging them in and searching for Trowa's prostate*
Wufei: *kisses Trowa a little more urgently*
Wufei: *closes his own fingers over Trowa's erection*
Trowa: Oh gods.... Please.... *screams out as Duo finds his prostate*
Duo: *grins and rubs the bump more*
Duo: Ohhh yeah... make that sound again...
Wufei: *fingers Trowa's erection, pulling back to watch his face*
Trowa: *whimpers, thrusting back onto Duo's fingers* Duo... Ah... Please!
Trowa: I... Ah! ... Fuck me!!
Duo: *pants* Ya ready, Tro?
Trowa: *nods, leaning forward to kiss Wufei hard, wanting him to somehow be a part of this* Yes... yes... now.
Duo: *slicks lube onto himself and positions himself on his knees behind Trowa*
Wufei: *steadies Trowa*
Duo: *nudges the head of his cock against Trowa's pucker then pushes in slowly*
Trowa: *groans, activily pushing back against Duo* Yes.... So good....
Wufei: *his hand drops to his own erection unconsciously as he watches*
Duo: *gasps as he's fully seated, struggling to hold back* Holy fuck!
Trowa: *panting hard*
Trowa: *watches Wufei touch himself. it turns him on even more*
Wufei: *sees Trowa's gaze and smiles, reaching for Trowa's erection again*
Wufei: *fingers the head*
Duo: *puts his hands on Trowa's hips and starts to thrust into him, rocking*
Trowa: *shudders* You two... are going to.. drive me.. insane.
Duo: Ya want us to stop?
Trowa: No!!
Trowa: *a bit embarassed, he didn't mean to yetll*
Wufei: *chuckles, nuzzling Trowa's neck and nipping his shoulder*
Trowa: *leans forward a bit, supporting himself by holding onto the headboard*
Trowa: *Wufei's between his arms, though... and his touches are almost driving him as crazy as Duo's*
Duo: *chuckles as he starts to thrust faster, experimenting with his rhythm*
Wufei: *leans up to kiss Duo deeply before slipping beneath Trowa*
Wufei: *wriggles, planting kisses in pertinent places as he works his way down to his target*
Trowa: Ahhhhh! *not sure where Wufei's going, but unable to think much with the way Duo's fucking him*
Duo: *watches avidly over Trowa's shoulder, faltering in his thrusts*
Wufei: *nuzzles Trowa's groin, taking a firm hold of Trowa’s erection as he takes his tip into his mouth*
Trowa: *moans* Wufei......
Duo: Ohhh... yeah...
Trowa: *one hand leaves the headboard to play in Wufei's hair*
Duo: *starts to pump faster, totally turned on*
Wufei: *hums happily, appreciating the gesture*
Trowa: *whines softly* Oh fuck...
Wufei: *begins to suck Trowa harder--has a moment of surprise as Duo begins thrusting again, pushing Trowa into him--but manges to adjust*
Wufei: *moves with Duo's thrusts*
Duo: *tries to be careful, but he can't resist pounding faster*
Trowa: *This is more than he ever dared imagine. He's been lusting after Wufei for so long and... well, he'll always love Duo taking him*
Wufei: *his hand creeps to his own erection again, moaning softly around Trowa*
Duo: *his eyes are focused on what Wufei's doing to Trowa, and he groans incoherently*
Duo: *strokes his hand around Trowa's chest, playing with his nipples as he speeds up again*
Wufei: *puts his free hand over Duo's to squeeze it gently before dropping it to caress Trowa's balls*
Duo: You two... are so... fuckin' hot...! *thrusts in emphasis with his words*
Trowa: Ah... *pants, making soft noises with each thrust, his words fast but quiet* Oh please yes fuck me hard Duo oh gods Wufei yes suck my cock ah...
Duo: *groans again, Trowa's words going to his head*
Duo: *he loves it when Trowa is like this...*
Wufei: *difficult to respond given what he's doing*
Wufei: *instead sucks Trowa harder, remembering Duo's swallowing trick and decides to give it a try*
Trowa: *pets Wufei's hair gently, about ready to pour into his mouth* Oh god Wufei... Wufei, I cant.... Im... Duo.... Wufei... Ah... Ah!
Duo: OH yeah!
Duo: *thrusts faster, feeling Trowa ready to cum*
Duo: *panting hard*
Duo: *manages to find Trowa's sweet spot and hits it*
Wufei: *also sensing this, pulls back a little preparing for Trowa's completion*
Wufei: *keeps his hand pumping Trowa's base though, sucking the tip of Trowa's penis*
Trowa: *tightens around Duo as he comes, screaming incoherantly as Wufei swallows*
Duo: ... come on, babe...
Duo: *gasps as Trowa tightens around him, burying himself in as far as he can go*
Trowa: Ahh! I... Oh yes... fuck....ah...
Duo: *clutches Trowa hard, shaking as he comes*
Trowa: *his knees shake beneath him, his arms weak as his energy drains with his completion*
Duo: *leans against Trowa's back, panting for breath*
Wufei: *the intensity of Trowa's end is surprising even though Fei was expecting it--he wriggles out from under Trowa to support him onto the bed*
Trowa: *wraps both his arms around Wufei, limply holding himself up*
Wufei: *growls* You two can't be finished!
Duo: *blinks, dazed*
Trowa: *panting hard* Wufei... that was...so... good... *reaches back for Duo's hand, moving it to Wufei's cock as he slides down Wufei's body*
Duo: Huh?
Trowa: I wouldn't leav you... like this...
Trowa: *wraps his arms firmly around Wufei's waist and begins to suck on his cock, barely able to hold himself up*
Duo: *purrs, still sprawled over Trowa's back and buried in him*
Wufei: *moans, thrusting into Trowa's mouth*
Trowa: *enjoying the feel of Duo inside him, made more pronounced by his new position*
Duo: *pretty much has the best seat in the house as he watches*
Trowa: *licks and sucks eagerly, a bit sloppy from being so tired, but enthusiastic none the less*
Duo: *nips the back of Trowa's neck, his hand coming up to tweak Wufei's nipples*
Wufei: *he comes quickly, the combination of watching Duo and Trowa come earlier and Trowa's enthusiasm more than compensating for any tiredness*
Wufei: Trowa--*arches*
Wufei: *gasps, falling against him*
Trowa: *swallows, tasting Wufei for the first time, rubbing his tongue over the head as he cleans him off*
Trowa: *licks at Wufei's cock, nuzzling his belly as he rises, looking back at Duo for help* Lay down?
Duo: *grunts*
Duo: That means I have to move and you're comfy...
Wufei: *chuckles*
Wufei: *pets Duo's hair*
Trowa: Mmmmm.... *reaches behind him and grabs Duo, moving them down to lay on their sides, keeping Duo buried inside him*
Trowa: *tugs at Wufei, pulling him into his arms*
Duo: *wiggles, spooning Trowa*
Wufei: *kisses Trowa cuddling for a bit*
Wufei: I'm still hungry, you know.
Trowa: You two... are amazing... *happy, alternating kisses between the two of them*
Trowa: Yes... I suspected so... *smiles at Wufei*
Wufei: *chuckles, kissing back*
Trowa: I am too, but.... It's so comfy here.
Wufei: Well, I'll bring the salad back here and we can feed each other?
Duo: *nods* But we should go out... 'Ro an' Q are waitin'...
Wufei: *reluctantly detaches himself from the cuddly pile* They are?
Trowa: *groans, a little disappointed*
Trowa: But... the bed is comfortable.
Duo: *kisses Trowa's ear* So is Q-ball's lap.
Duo: Let's just rest for a little?
Duo: *tugs on Wufei's hand*
Wufei: I could bring them back here to rest--oh all right.
Trowa: *nods sleepily, hoping Wufei will join them*
Wufei: *snuggles Duo, amused*
Duo: *grins*
Duo: This is why ya should always listen to me.
Trowa: *cuddles them both*
Trowa: *kisses Wufei* Thanks for staying.
Wufei: I expect to be well fed later of course.
Duo: *purrs lazily*
Duo: ... you wanna go down on me?
Trowa: *nods* I'll feed you by hand, if you'd like
Wufei: *pokes Duo*
Duo: Hey! *swats*
Trowa: *chuckles* Yes.... but not this second, Love.
Duo: High in protein, ya know.
Wufei: *shakes his head*
Wufei: It's still not a viable food source.
Duo: ... so you won't go down on me?
Duo: *pouts*
Trowa: *pats Duo's ass, which only presses his cock into Trowa a bit with each small hit* Anytime you'd like...
Duo: *breath hitches*
Duo: Mmmm... don't tempt me right now... I like where I am.
Wufei: *amused and cuddly*
Wufei: *snuggles*
Duo: *cuddles*
Trowa: *kisses them both, his eyes falling shut*
Trowa: -----------------------------------------

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