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[WAR] Meeting each other (1)

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Feb. 3rd, 2004 | 11:34 am
posted by: driftingdoll in slow_as_hell

Chat 1 of the new GW RP

Players: Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei

== A safe house in the woods ==
Trowa: *Trowa steps up to the house, quietly walking around it and checking it out.*
Trowa: *It worries him not to have picked it out himself. How can he trust that the others are on his side? Does he even have a side?*
Duo: *Duo shifts the black duffle bag on his shoulder, trying not to look around in awe at the trees and grass and stuff*
Trowa: *He walks around back, counting the windows, checking all entrances and exits*
Quatre: *Quatre follows Duo through the woods, trying not to trip and make noise*
Quatre: Do you think the others will be there by now?
Duo: *shrugs* I dunno. I ain't never met them except you and... Heero.
Trowa: *his ears perk up at the sound of a voice and he slides up against the wall, his hand on his gun*
Wufei: *Wufei is waiting inside, having arrived early to check things out much the way the others are now*
Quatre: *they come out into the clearing surrounding the house, and Quatre looks around*
Quatre: *starts walking around, looking in the windows* I don't see a vehicle, but that doesn't mean anything.
Duo: *blinks at the house*
Quatre: They could have come through the woods, the same way we did.
Duo: We're staying there? Hey... not bad.
Trowa: *Trowa waits and listens, hearing footsteps move closer*
Quatre: *shakes his head* I'm still not sure this is a good idea, though...
Duo: *looks around* We seem pretty isolated.
Quatre: Putting all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak...
Duo: And good idea or not, it's not like we can really say no to the good doctors.
Trowa: *This way, he can at least learn a little about his comrads as they move unguarded*
Quatre: *nods* That's true. And they must have their own reasons for wanting to put us together.
Quatre: *smiles* Besides, I want to get to know tehm all.
Quatre: We should be working together, not fighting with each other.
Duo: *chuckles* I still remember the guy in the orange and white Gundam... the one with the guns.
Trowa: *Trowa rolls his eyes. They might as well arrive with a blow horn-- they're so loud*
Duo: I could've beaten him in that fight if he didn't get the jump on me.
Quatre: It wasn't orange... more like red.
Wufei: *hears voices--so, there's more of them besides the one thats outside now*
Trowa: *raises an eyebrow, then turns, leveling his gun on the first person he sees*
Quatre: *laughs a little* Maybe you could, if you could get to close ra --
Quatre: *sees Trowa and stops*
Duo: *shrugs* So? All that flashy stuff...
Duo: *blinks at Quatre's reaction and puts his hand on his gun*
Trowa: *sighs, lowering his gun. He's met Quatre before, so this guy must be safe... or he hopes he is*
Trowa: *It worries him how easily Quatre accepts a comrad.*
Quatre: *holds his hands out tot eh side, carefully* Trowa...
Quatre: You're Trowa Barton!
Wufei: *opens the door and leans against the doorframe, observing the others*
Duo: *blinks at Quatre and looks at Trowa, his hand still over his gun* You know this guy?
Quatre: *still looking at Trowa* We met once.
Trowa: *nods, putting his gun away, looking to the others. He turns a little to acknowledge Wufei, seeing him walk to the door*
Duo: *sees the other pilot int he doorway* Well, ain't this just a party. We gonna make nice?
Quatre: *looks over to see Wufei*
Quatre: You must be the fifth pilot.
Trowa: *steps up onto the porch*
Quatre: *lowers his hands and walks over to the doorway*
Wufei: *steps back from the door leading the way inside*
Duo: *takes off his cap and scratches his head* I guess this is all of us then.
Trowa: *glances at Wufei, then Duo and Quatre* There should be one more.
Trowa: 01 has not arrived yet.
Wufei: I think further discussion can wait until we're inside.
Duo: *sputters* Z-zero one?!
Quatre: *face falls*
Quatre: You mean Heero...?
Trowa: *nods* I think he's still away on a mission.
Quatre: *blinks and looks at Wufei* You're right. This isn't something we should talk about outside.
Duo: M-mission? *is a bit stunned*
Wufei: *goes into the kitchen where there are 5 chairs and a kettle on the stove*
Trowa: *starts towards the door* Have you secured the house?
Wufei: Of course.
Duo: *follows Quatre a bit numb*
Trowa: *follows Wufei, glancing at Duo* And you are?
Quatre: *glances back at Duo, anxiously*
Duo: I'm... 02. Deathscythe's pilot.
Duo: You can call me Duo. Duo Maxwell.
Wufei: Chang Wufei.
Duo: *puts a cocky grin on*
Trowa: *sits down at the table* Trowa Barton.
Wufei: *leans back against the wall, rather than sit*
Duo: *drops his bag on the floor*
Quatre: Quatre.
Quatre: *smiles and sits*
Quatre: Sandrock's pilot.
Duo: *leans up against the table*
Trowa: *leans back in his chair* So... how many rooms do we have?
Trowa: *glances at the stairs* There can't possibly be five
Quatre: *looks at Wufei*
Quatre: Have you explored the house thoroughly?
Duo: *is looking about the room, checking it out*
Wufei: I've been over it.
Duo: Well, this isn't too shabby, at any rate. And we can bunk up or somethin'.
Wufei: There are 3 rooms, 2 double bedrooms and a fold out couch in the living room.
Quatre: I can share a room, if we need to.
Wufei: There's a phoneline, but not much else.
Trowa: *nods in approval* At least we don't need bed rolls...
Quatre: Clean water?
Wufei: *nods* I suppose we're expected to keep up to date with things through the gundams.
Wufei: *waits to see if the others have theirs nearby*
Trowa: It would almost be better to cut the phone lines now.
Trowa: That would be the easist way to trace us.
Duo: Yeah, me and Quat hid ours out in the woods... it's not too bad a hike to get to communications.
Quatre: It's a way to the nearest good hiding place, though.
Trowa: I can connect through sattalite or through my gundam.
Wufei: *listening carefully*
Trowa: *doesn't really say WHERE his gundam is*
Wufei: We don't have much in the way of provisions, unless you brought some.
Quatre: Well -- we can make the hike once a day to check on new messages --
Trowa: *though it's interesting to see that Duo and Quatre have been travelling together*
Quatre: but I think we also need to have an immediate access line inside the house, in case of emergencies.
Duo: *chuckles* Me and Q got some, hell, I don't think Rashid would've let us go without 'em.
Quatre: Do any of you have a computer or a phone with wireless feed?
Trowa: I do. And I'm pretty sure that Heero does.
Duo: *looks at Trowa narrowly* You keep bringing that guy up.
Duo: He's... well, he... *makes the motion of pressing the self-destruct*
Duo: You know? Boom?
Quatre: *gulps* ...didn't you see it?
Wufei: *silent*
Trowa: *looks at the two of them, then it clicks* He survived. I was with him just last week.
Wufei: *surprised*
Wufei: But--that was--no one could survive that!
Duo: *shocked*
Trowa: *doesn't feel the need to elaborate on the past month or so. That seems to be the information they needed*
Duo: *leans against the table heavily*
Trowa: I was there. He's fine now.
Duo: Shit... I knew it... I knew he was indestructable...
Trowa: *raises an eyebrow* Not exactly. He broke several bones and was unconcious for over a week.
Quatre: *sits stunned by the revleation*
Quatre: But... that can't be...
Duo: But he ain't dead, is he?
Quatre: I... felt him when the explosion...
Wufei: *Trowa doesn't sound as though he's lying*
Duo: I knew the bastard could survive anything, this just proves it.
Trowa: *sighs* Do you think I'm making it up?
Wufei: *felt him? the blond one is obviously a little strange*
Wufei: And he's on missions, now?
Quatre: *shakes his head,a little stunned*
Trowa: I'm not sure of what kind, but yes.
Wufei: He must have an excellent recovery rate.
Wufei: *fills the kettle from the sink and puts the gas on*
Duo: *remains silent, not quite sure what he feels about all this*
Trowa: Probably not anything that requires jumping from high places, but his trigger finger appeared to work. As did his legs.
Quatre: *stares*
Quatre: Is... is he going to be coming here?
Quatre: *sounds a little awed*
Trowa: Eventually, I suppose. I didn't get the order till after we parted.
Duo: Well, I guess Kamikaze Boy will be showing up, especially since an order.
Wufei: You were all ordered here?
Duo: *nods*
Quatre: *nods* Weren;t you?
Trowa: I was.. pushed in this direction.
Wufei: *nods*
Quatre: *shakes his head in disbelief*
Duo: Pushed?
Quatre: And to think Master H told me that they did not have a communication network established.
Duo: *snorts* I'd rather not have G cut me off from the Sweepers, not that Howard would let 'im.
Wufei: *filing all these names away as he takes a tea bag out of the packet in the cupboard*
Quatre: *rests his chin on his hands as he muses* And yet, to come up with five variations on identical plans... I wonder how much they knew that they didn't tell us.
Duo: Those docs are a strange bunch.
Trowa: *nods, noticing Wufei's silence. It reminds him how wise some of his tactics are*
Wufei: *finds a cup that isn't very badly chipped in the cupboard and puts it on the bench*
Wufei: Tea anyone?
Quatre: Yes, please.
Duo: Tea? *looks at Wufei* Damn, you and Quat will get along.
Wufei: *it would be polite not to ask, even if he doesn't expect anyone to accept--huh.*
Quatre: *sticks his tongue out at Duo* Just because you're uncivilized...
Wufei: *taking drinks from strangers isn't smart. The blond is definetely going to be a concern*
Wufei: *puts a second cup out* Trowa?
Duo: *huffs* I ain't uncivilized, I just don't see how you like tea. Gimme a good cuppa joe any day.
Trowa: *pauses, then stands, making his way over to Wufei* Do we have any coffee?
Wufei: *shrugs, getting out another tea bag for Quatre* You'll have to look. I didn't see any.
Duo: I got some.
Trowa: *watches what Wufei's doing, muttering softly* If you'd told me you prefer tea... *shakes his head with a small smile, going through the cabinets*
Quatre: *smiling slightly, watching them interact*
Wufei: That would hardly have been good manners.
Trowa: *glances back at Duo* That's ok...
Duo: *bends to dig through his bag, coming up with a battered tin can*
Wufei: *slight smile amused*
Trowa: *sighs* I'll just pick some up on my next turn to town.... unless you're having some as well?
Duo: *thumps the can on the table*
Quatre: Is that already ground?
Duo: Yeah, I could use some.
Wufei: *the jug boils and he makes the tea, putting Quatre's in front of him and sitting at the far end of the table*
Duo: And course it is. The best stuf this side o' L2!
Quatre: *observing the can with interest* And was that already here, or brought?
Duo: I've been carting it around with me.
Trowa: *skeptical. He'll only have some if Duo drinks from the same pot of coffee*
Quatre: Oh, is *that* what I've been using as a pillow?
Duo: Better than dirt.
Wufei: *sips his tea listening to the others*
Quatre: Dirt, coffee, they taste the same to me.
Duo: *pries the top off, revealing coffee grounds* You have no sense of taste.
Quatre: Nonsense. I still do. It's just yours has already been destroyed.
Quatre: *glances over at Wufei sipping from his tea, then picks up his own*
Trowa: *goes to Duo* Want me to put some on?
Duo: *nods* We got more mugs?
Wufei: *huh. Maybe he's not quite so stupid* Second shelf on the right.
Duo: *he hands off the can to Trowa as he goes to get the mugs*
Trowa: *takes the can off coffee, moving to prepare it quietly*
There seems to be adequate supplies here... or at least enough to make living a little more enjoyable.
Trowa: *looks around* Electricity is always nice.
Duo: So is runnin' water.
Quatre: *hopefully* Hot water?
Duo: *grabs the mugs and carries them to the table*
Quatre: Besides, Duo, you've got no place to talk about taste if you carry around coffee beans already grounds.
Quatre: My -- I've always heard that you store them whole, to preserve the flavor.
Trowa: *glances at Wufei* Hot water?
Duo: What am I gonna do? Stomp on 'em with 'Scythe when I want a drink?
Trowa: *shrugs* We're not out to drink gormet coffee....
Wufei: There is a small generator in the basement.
Quatre: Oh, you're a mechanic, don't tell me you couldn't find something.
Wufei: There is a rain water tank attached to the back of the house, but the kitchen water seems to come from an underground water main.
Trowa: So.... limited hot water, then.
Wufei: Which is surprising, this far out.
Duo: Any water is good though.
Quatre: *nods in agreement and sips his tea*
Trowa: *nods, setting the coffee up so they just have to wait now*
Quatre: Aside from coffee or tea, whichever your poison, what other supplies are there?
Duo: *shoves a chair around and sits on it backwards at the table*
Trowa: *his lips move to a small smirk, though he's facing away, looking through the cupboards*
Wufei: There is a bag of rice in the pantry.
Wufei: Some canned vegetables and fruit.
Duo: Got those supplies from the Maguanacs...
Quatre: *blinks at Wufei*
Quatre: ...can you cook?
Quatre: *sounds a bit doubtful*
Wufei: *guarded* Possibly.
Trowa: We have condoments... salt, sugar, though I don't know how good that may still be, some canned food..
Trowa: Nothing that you would need fresh of course...
Wufei: But there isn't very much here to cook with. What Trowa's found is all there is.
Wufei: There is a freezer in the basement, but with the generator off--
Trowa: *chuckles as he opens another cabinet* And enough bottles of liquer to knock us out...
Duo: Is there any civilizations around we can get to?
Quatre: *quietly* And are they friendly or hostile?
Wufei: There's a truck in the garage, and a road. There should be a few small towns around here.
Trowa: I have some food food rations... but those should be used as a last resort.
Duo: *nods* We'll need cover if we go down for food and stuff...
Wufei: Hostile or friendly, teenages suddenly turning up are going to be noticed.
Duo: Unless ya want me robbing places in the night.
Quatre: Not unless we need to.
Quatre: *firmly*
Quatre: Besides, we'll need to get news.
Quatre: Not just communiques and orders, but *real* news -- what the people are getting.
Trowa: So... should we make a run into town?
Wufei: I'll stay here.
Wufei: I don't look much like the people who live in this area.
Wufei: *sipping his tea*
Quatre: If we're trying to avoid attention, I'll stay as well.
Quatre: The fewer teenages appear out of the blue at once, the better.
Duo: Hmmm... yeah, you're too noticable, blondie.
Trowa: *glances at Duo* You and I, then?
Duo: *nods, looking at Trowa*
Trowa: *He likes that better. He'd rather leave the two he's met behind*
Duo: I can hide the braid.
Quatre: It is kind of noticable.
Duo: Don't worry about me, thought that hair of yours might get ya notcied.
Wufei: There are such things as hats.
Trowa: *narrows his eyes* I'll take care of it when necessary.
Duo: *matches Trowa's look*
Quatre: *coughs into his hand* Besides, the best disguise is to have one very recognizable feature, that you can hide.
Duo: The coffee is gonna overflow.
Wufei: *finishes his cup of tea and rinses it, putting the cup in the sink*
Trowa: *sighs, moving to the coffee pot and pouring them each a cup*
Trowa: *hands one to Duo* I wouldn't trust the sugar, so black will have to do.
Wufei: Do we need to make a shopping lost?
Duo: Black is fine with me. *lifts up his mug in a mock salute*
Trowa: *takes a sip of his coffee* That would probably be best.
Duo: *takes a healthy slug of coffee*
Quatre: Does anyone have a piece of scrap paper?
Wufei: *goes into the next room to fetch his bag*
Wufei: I have paper.
Trowa: We should really just get staples. And not too much... we don't want to look suspicious.
Wufei: *nods, returning with a note book*
Duo: *nods* So... we're camping on a school break?
Wufei: *making a list*
Quatre: It's the right time of year for it.
Quatre: But the lack of adults might make people suspicious.
Wufei: we'll want to stick to canned food
Quatre: Or dried.
Quatre: We won't have any lack of water, so...
Wufei: fresh will go off too quickly, and too many trips into town.
Wufei: *thinking out loud as he notes things down on the paper*
Duo: *just listens since he doesn't know much about food shopping*
Wufei: Here. *puts it on the table* Do you want to add anything?
Trowa: I'm not sure how suspicious it would look for us to just go into town once or twice, but more than that wouldn't be good. And we want to vary who goes.
Duo: *sips his coffee thoughtfully*
Duo: Well, there's more than one town, ain't there?
Duo: We can rotate through them if we gotta.
Quatre: That's true.
Trowa: *nods* I passed at least two within driving distance on my way in.
Quatre: Driving distance?
Wufei: Do you think we look old enough to pass for drivers?
Quatre: *looks at Duo*
Quatre: *looks at Trowa*
Duo: Hey! I was driving since I was eight!
Quatre: Well, you don't want to get pulled over, dfo you?
Quatre: Since I doubt you have a licence.
Duo: *frowns*
Duo: I guess then he gets to drive. *jerks his thumb at Trowa*
Wufei: Maybe if you left the truck in the woods and walked.
Quatre: Better not to take the chance.
Trowa: I suggest we drive in closer, then leave the car when we approach the store. That way we don't get associated with the car.
Duo: *nods*
Trowa: If we don't then we wouldn't be able to buy enough supplies.
Duo: We can buy more at first, that way we don't have to go back so soon...
Quatre: Speaking of which, how much money do we have?
Wufei: *decides that since they've got everything sorted out, picks up his bag again*
Wufei: There's 500 dollars in the top kitchen drawer.
Trowa: *watches Wufei* If we need, I have some as well.
Wufei: It doesn't look as we'll be staying long.
Wufei: *goes into the living room*
Quatre: Do you think we'll be assigned new orders before long?
Duo: *drinks the last of his coffee*
Duo: Who knows what the docs will say?
Duo: But that cash ain't gonna last forever.
Trowa: *chuckles softly* There's always more...
Wufei: *sets his computer up in a corner and starts reviewing data*
Trowa: *goes to pick up his bag, looking up the stairs* Any particular place I should set down my stuff?
Duo: Well, cash ain't a problem for me, but since Quatre don't want me to go back to my normal habits...
Duo: *thumps his mug down* Yeah! Let's pick rooms.
Quatre: *smiles and stands up* We might as well.
Quatre: *rinses his teacup and sets it upside down to dry*
Wufei: *ignores them, since he doesn't really care where he's put*
Duo: *grabs up his bag after he leaves his mug in the sink*
Trowa: *sits on the edge of the couch, waiting*
Quatre: *heads up the stairs*
Wufei: Have you met them before?
Duo: *bounces after Quatre*
Trowa: *watches them leave, then speaks softly* I've met Quatre.
Quatre: *voice from upstairs* This room has good light.
Duo: Hey! Look at the view!
Duo: Iget this bed, Q!
Trowa: They seem... easily amused.
Wufei: *nods*
Quatre: But the other room has more space...
Trowa: Quatre's friendly, though... and he's a good fighter, even if he seems soft.
Quatre: Only one bed, though.
Duo: Yeah, so?
Duo: It looks big.
Duo: *sounds of squeaking springs*
Quatre: *laughs* You'll break the springs!
Duo: Nah... it'll take more than this, Q.
Trowa: *looks up at the ceiling* Should we leave the single bed for Heero? Or... what were your plans?
Wufei: I don't really care.
Quatre: *louder squeaking springs*
Trowa: *sighs and turns to walk up the stair*
Quatre: *Quatre and Duo are bouncing on the bed*
Wufei: sharing a room would mean that we could share our guard, but having someone in the lounge is also useful.
Wufei: I suppose it will depend on how secure you think this area is after the shopping trip.
Trowa: *looks back down at Wufei before finishing the climb*
Wufei: *intent on the computer*
Trowa: *he doesn't want to make the decision on where they sleep...*
Trowa: I guess we'll settle it later.
Wufei: *nods* That seems a good idea.
Duo: Well, so we wanna share, Q?
Duo: Or take the other room? *is sprawled on the bed*
Quatre: *goes to the window*
Quatre: I like the view here.
Quatre: it's got a clear airfield.
Quatre: You could see anything coming in the air from this side.
Duo: Yeah... that is great, except for this one bed.
Trowa: *walks up the stairs and stands outside the doorway, listening to them for a moment*
Quatre: It's a big bed, and we're both little.
Quatre: Besides, if we don't take it, someone else will have to share it.
Duo: So you're cool with sharing?
Quatre: Can you really see Heero and Wufei sharing a bed? *chuckles*
Duo: *snorts* I could barely share a ROOM with that guy.
Quatre: Exactly... much less a bed?
Duo: I guess that's true. What about that Trowa guy? He's the one you met, right?
Quatre: *nods, thoughtfull*
Quatre: *wanders back to sit on the edge of the bed*
Quatre: I wouldn't have any objections to sharing with him...
Quatre: But I get the feeling that he's one who needs his own space.
Duo: Do you wanna?
Quatre: You know?
Trowa: *raises an eyebrow. It's interesting to hear what they think of him*
Duo: Well, either he shares or he gets the sofa.
Duo: Maybe he'll bunk with He... that guy when he gets here?
Quatre: Well, it's one thing to share a room.
Quatre: But another to share a bed.
Trowa: *smirks softly, but is surprised that Quatre would bring up such a point. He continues to surprise him, though... He should never assume things*
Quatre: Anyway, I'll bet he and Heero can share the other room, the one with the two beds.
Duo: Well, ain't like we never bunked like this before.
Duo: *sits up and reaches for his bag*
Trowa: *slowly turns the corner* All settled in?
Duo: *blinks and looks up*
Quatre: Hm? *comes to the doorway of the room*
Quatre: Yes, we've decided we'll take this one.
Quatre: Would you or Wufei prefer to take the couch?
Duo: Damn... you're a pretty quiet guy... *grumbles to himself*
Trowa: I'm not sure... we're still trying to decide.
Trowa: We thought we'd leave it till after we went into town.
Duo: Well, we got time.
Duo: And Mr. Self Destruct will probably want a say. He don't like to play nice.
Quatre: He's used to getting his own way.
Trowa: He don't... *shakes his head* I'm sure we'll be able to find a solution. We just think that maybe one of us should be downstairs to keep watch, but that would split us up.
Trowa: It would be easist to put Heero there, since he's getting here last.
Trowa: But we don't want to leave it unguarded.
Duo: *thinks* ... can two sleep downstairs?
Wufei: That's a thought.
Wufei: The sofa folds out--it could be a double bed easily.
Quatre: *nods thoughtfully* That's not a bad solution.
Wufei: *shrugs*
Trowa: *turn around, he didnt hear Wufei come up*
Duo: Still gotta have two people bunk down there and share a bed though.
Quatre: I guess there's no point in deciding until after the trip to town
Wufei: Which should be done sooner rather than later.
Wufei: Its not going to stay light forever.
Trowa: *nods, looking at Duo* Ready to go?
Duo: *yanks a jacket out of his bag*
Duo: Yeah, I'm good to go. *tucks his braid under the jacket*
Trowa: *motions toward the stairs* We'll be back after a while...
Duo: *waves*
Duo: Yeah... let's see what hunk o' junk we get to drive.
Trowa: *heads down the stairs with Duo trailing behind him*

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battle plans on sale

From: iniq
Date: Feb. 3rd, 2004 09:52 pm (UTC)

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Happy Birthday to you~uu,
Happy Birthday to~o youu~uu,
Happy Birthday, dears SaH chats...
Pervy Birthday, to you~u!

rock on, guys! ^__~

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Re: *chu*

battle plans on sale

From: iniq
Date: Feb. 3rd, 2004 09:54 pm (UTC)

... apparently, I cannot only not sing, but also not type...


-_-; *sweatdrop*

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