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[WAR] Arrivals and Cards (3)

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Feb. 3rd, 2004 | 01:47 pm
posted by: driftingdoll in slow_as_hell

Chat 3 of the new GW RP

Players: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre

Quatre: *Quatre is sitting at the table, fiddling with an old radio*
Quatre: *he's trying to get it attuned but it's like the house is a dead zone*
Duo: *there's a slight knock on the front door before Duo comes in, carrying grocery bags in his arms*
Quatre: *looks up*
Quatre: Oh, you're back already?
Quatre: *carefully twists the antenna and tries again*
Duo: Already? *blinks* We were gone longer than ya think, Quatre.
Duo: Oof! *sets the bags on the kitchen counter* Whatcha up to?
Quatre: I'm trying to set this up to receive signal.
Quatre: But it's no use...
Quatre: Either it's just too old, or there's no signal in here.
Duo: *blinks* Why not? Setting up a radio isn't hard-- oh.
Quatre: *tongue pokes out slightly from the corner of his mouth as he concentrates*
Duo: Well, I can take a whack at it.
Duo: *rustling through the bags*
Quatre: Do you think so?
Quatre: *puts it down and stands up*
Quatre: Here, I'll help with the bags.
Duo: *grins* I wondered how long it would take before ya helped me.
Quatre: Oh... sorry...
Quatre: *starts pulling stuff out*
Duo: *chuckles* No Maguanacs around this time, blondie.
Quatre: Hey! When they were around, you didn't do any of the heavy carrying, either.
Duo: Oi! Hey, I carried lots of heavy things!
Duo: *nudges Quatre*
Quatre: *ducks out of the way of Duo's elbow*
Quatre: Hey, don't unbalance me. I'm carrying heavy cans.
Duo: *snorts and kicks the side of Quatre's shoe*
Duo: If you can't carry five cans of stew, I'd worry about you.
Quatre: *pretends to stomp on Duo's foot* You're so mean.
Duo: I'm not mean. I'm blunt. There's a difference.
Quatre: *balances the cans as he opens a cabinet, confirms there's no indigenous life, and starts putting things away*
Quatre: What about the radio?
Duo: Right. I can work on it while you put everything away.
Duo: *kicks Quatre's shoe again lightly as he passes*
Quatre: *dodges the kick*
Quatre: Are you trying to trip me?
Duo: *laughs lightly* Why no... why would I do that? *innocent look*
Duo: *sits at the table with the radio, futzing with it*
Quatre: *goes back and forth between the table and cabinets, putting stuff away in neat order*
Duo: *squints at some wires and as Quatre comes by again, he smirks and sticks his foot out*
Quatre: *eeps and trips over Duo's foot, stumbling forward*
Quatre: *whirls around* Oh, you...
Duo: *laughs*
Duo: *snorts and chortles, very amused*
Quatre: *attacks Duo from behind, trying to get his arms around his neck*
Duo: Aaah!
Quatre: Laugh at this!
Duo: *struggles with Quatre, trying to pry him off*
Duo: Hey! Hey! Don't!
Quatre: *braces himself against the back of the chair, going for a headlock*
Quatre: Try and stop me!
Duo: *gets one hand between Quatre's arm and his neck, and reaches back with the other to tickle*
Quatre: *squeaks and grabs for his hands, trying not to lose his grip*
Duo: *manages to squirm out of the chair, still tickling* Give up, Winner!
Quatre: Never!
Quatre: *tumbles to the floor, bringing Duo with him*
Quatre: *rolls on top and manages to pin him briefly*
Quatre: Got you now, Maxwell!
Quatre: *starts to tickle his ribs*
Duo: *cackles, kicking his legs*
Duo: *frees his hands and tickles back, fingers tickling Quatre's sides*
Quatre: *yells and loses his balance, toppling over*
Duo: *grunts as QUatre lands close to sensitive anatomy*
Quatre: *spies an opportunity* Ah ha~!
Quatre: *grabs one of Duo's arms and twists it behind him, pinning him to the floor* Try and escape now!
Duo: *growls as he bucks under Quatre* Let me go!
Quatre: Not a chance. If you can't get away...
Quatre: *blows his hair back from his face, flushed and out of breath*
Heero: *click*
Heero: *heero is standing a few meters away, aiming calmly at Quatre's head*
Quatre: *hears a noise and blinks, looking up from Duo's back*
Quatre: *freezes when he sees the gun*
Duo: *freezes as well, eyes wide*
Duo: *sputters at Heero* Y-you...!
Quatre: Ho - how did you get in here?
Duo: *realizes that Heero's holding a gun on Quatre* Stand down, 01!
Quatre: *releases Duo's arm and falls back on his butt on the floor*
Heero: *glances at Duo-- he doesn't sound like he's scared or severely hurt*
Duo: He's a friendly! 04!
Heero: *lifts the gun slowly, aiming at the ceiling instead--but he's still watching Quatre*
Duo: *pushes Quatre back a bit, eyes still trained on Heero*
Quatre: *lifts his hands slowly, eyes wide*
Duo: Shit... I can't believe you're really alive!
Quatre: *to Duo* This is... Heero?
Heero: *frowns and puts the gun back in its holster*
Duo: Yeah... he's Heero.
Quatre: *relaxes a bit*
Heero: Where are the others?
Duo: *is a bit stunned... this isn't quite the way he expected to see Heero*
Quatre: Ah... ah...
Quatre: Wufei... 05... went out to work on his Gundam.
Duo: *well, considering that he didn't believe Heero was still alive...*
Heero: *he doesn't know what they were doing-- if it was sparring, it was a weird form of it*
Heero: *frowns and nods* And Trowa?
Duo: *well that proves Trowa was telling the truth*
Duo: I left him with the truck.
Quatre: Trowa... he was shopping with you, wasn't he? *looks at Duo*
Heero: ... hn. *thoughtful*
Heero: *picks up his bag* Where do I sleep?
Duo: *nods* I brought most of the groceries back, but there's still some with him-- uh...
Trowa: *the door creaks as it opens and Trowa walks in with the remaining bags. He stops within the doorway, spotting Heero, then nods in acknowledgement* Heero.
Duo: There's... *looks at Quatre... then Trowa*
Trowa: *continues on into the kitchen area and begins unloading the groceries*
Heero: *looks at trowa and nods back* Trowa.
Heero: Want help?
Trowa: *Looks up at them, wondering what all the silence is for* Sure.
Quatre: *still sitting on the floor*
Duo: *sighs* Well, shit.
Trowa: *unloads a few cans of soup* Did you just get in?
Heero: *walks out to go to the truck*
Heero: *comes back in with bags* Yes.
Duo: *he's really off-balance but hides it*
Quatre: *with a wary look at Heero, picks himself up and tries to straighten out his clothes*
Trowa: *nods* You met Quatre? Wufei?
Quatre: *they're a bit mussed*
Quatre: Er... we've met...
Trowa: I was under the impression you'd met Duo before.
Heero: Yes. *unloads bags*
Trowa: *nods with a small smile to Quatre* Okay... just checking.
Heero: I didn't meet 05 yet. What does he look like?
Duo: He's Chinese.
Duo: Black hair and eyes. We saw him at New Edwards.
Heero: *thoughtful*
Trowa: *nods* Ponytail. Kind of quiet.
Quatre: *rather embarassed*
Heero: I'll try not to shoot him. *deadpan*
Trowa: *tiny smirk* Good thinking.
Quatre: Y-yes! Let's try to keep the internal disputes to a minimum.
Quatre: *very flustered*
Heero: *he was really not noticing lotsa things at new edwards*
Quatre: Of course, it's only to be expected that with the five of us living in such quarters, personality conflicts are bound to occur, but...
Heero: *glances at Quatre*
Quatre: *smiles* Let's try to remember -- we're all fighting for the same cause, right?
Duo: *nods* I'm sure we'll all get along fine. One big disfunctional terrorist family.
Quatre: *shiine*
Heero: *arches an eyebrow--there seems to be something quite ironic in duo's tone*
Trowa: *rolls his eyes, then looks over the contents of the kitchen*
Duo: Well, if that's that... *picks his chair back upright and brings the radio to him again*
Heero: *decides that he might as well do his part to keep the peace between them...* *to Quatre* I apologize.
Trowa: *watches Duo* What are you doing?
Quatre: *nods to Heero* I accept your apology.
Quatre: No hard feelings.
Duo: *grins at Trowa* Tryin' to get this radio to work. Blondie couldn't manage it.
Trowa: *thinks* If we pick up a signal, don't we risk sending one out as well? There might be a reason we're in a dead zone.
Heero: *short nod in acknowledgement*
Quatre: But we still need some line of communication.
Duo: *snorts* I'm not aiming for mission orders. Maybe I wanna listen to the latest baseball game.
Quatre: If an emergency happens, we need to be informed immediately.
Duo: *pulls a small sliver of metal out of his braid and uses it to prod at the radio parts*
Heero: *to trowa* Let Duo play with his post. He's not stupid enough to send signals on OZ stations.
Heero: Where do I sleep?
Trowa: *looks at Quatre* But not by telephone. If this line's active, it would be noticed.
Heero: *that's the second time he asked. they're so inefficient*
Quatre: You have a choice.
Trowa: *nods to Heero* We hadn't decided.
Quatre: There's a free bedroom upstairs, and a couch down here.
Quatre: We weren't sure if you'd rather sleep downstairs, or alone...
Trowa: There's a single on the couch, or a queen bed upstairs.
Trowa: *Is wondering why Quatre needs to be in the middle of this when he already has a room*
Trowa: *It's between Heero, Wufei, and himself...*
Duo: *shrugs* Well, we didn't want one person alone downstairs, did we?
Trowa: Two will have to share the queen.
Duo: *fiddle fiddle* And two will have to share the sofabed.
Heero: *blinks*
Heero: *he doesn't really like to share beds. It's hard to relax*
Trowa: *He's now annoyed. It wasn't their business*
Trowa: *sighs, walking out of the room* Just tell us where you want to be.
Heero: *frowns as he looks at Trowa then at Duo, puzzled*
Trowa: *goes into the living room area, pulling out his computer and booting up*
Trowa: *He needs to run a diagnosis on his gundam and he can do it remote*
Heero: *thinks*
Heero: I'd rather sleep alone. *not that he'll be asleep at the same time as them, probbly*
Quatre: *nods* That should work out.
Duo: *squinting as he pulls some wires*
Heero: *picks up his bag and starts to visit the house*
Duo: Me and Quatre put our stuff down in one of the rooms already.
Duo: Aha!
Duo: *twists two wires and is pleased to hear a crackle from the radio*
Quatre: *perches on the edge of the table* It's working?
Heero: *goes upstairs and checks the rooms*
Duo: Well... I got static. That's better than dead air...
Heero: *sees bags in one of them and figures that it's quatre and duo's*
Trowa: *Watches Heero wander upstairs*
Heero: *puts his stuff under the bed, out of sight in the other *
Quatre: Do you know if it's not receiving, or if there's just nothing to receive?
Heero: *if someone barges in, he doesn't want hem to know how many are staying in the house*
Duo: *is now attempting to get a signal*
Heero: *walks down the stairs*
Duo: I think... hmmm... it's just not recieving...
Duo: *picks up the radio and wanders around the kitchen with it*
Quatre: *shakes his head* It's still better than I managed...
Duo: *the static gets louder or softer as he moves*
Trowa: *looks up again as Heero comes back down*
Trowa: Find a room?
Duo: Oh, come on you ancient piece of shit! Gimme a signal!
Duo: *whacks the side of the radio*
Heero: Yes. *looks at what trowa's doing*
Radio: ... brrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzztttt... -t's the bottom of the ninth... zzzzttt... and the Yankees are in the lead... brrrzzzzz...
Duo: Whoo! Yes!
Trowa: *looks into the kitchen, hearing the yelling, then back at Heero*
Heero: *he doesn't try to read the screen, even though they helped each other with some parts of their gundams--there are other parts they wouldn't let each other check out*
Quatre: *smiles* You did it!
Trowa: Where do you think the best place for Wufei and I is?
Heero: *looks around the room*
Duo: *grins at Quatre* Of course, I did! *carefully sets the radio down*
Trowa: *He has the urge to shut his computer, but.... that's stupid, he repremands himself*
Heero: One of us should be awake anyway. We could have shifts. You wouldn't have to share the couch.
Heero: *turns so that he's at trowa's side but not facing the screen*
Trowa: *nods* That's good. I don't think we'd both fit. *sounds serious, but...*
Duo: Well... *looks at Quatre* ... at least we know we're not in a totally dead zone.
Quatre: For radio, anyway.
Trowa: *types a bit* How was your mission?
Heero: It went fine.
Heero: *well, he got his hands scraped, but that's nothing*
Duo: Better than nothing.
Duo: *switches off the radio to conserve power*
Trowa: *nods, glancing up at Heero. He pauses*
Trowa: Is something bothering you?
Heero: *blinks* No.
Duo: *sighs and stretches his hands over his head*
Quatre: It has a battery pack? *frowns*
Heero: *he just doesn't know what to do*
Trowa: *actually shuts his laptop this time*
Trowa: Want to... play cards?
Duo: *nods* Yeah... but it can run of any current, I think. If not, I can rig something.
Heero: *surprised*
Heero: ... Why not.
Quatre: *blinks, and turns his head towarsd the other room*
Quatre: Did I just hear someone mention cards?
Duo: *blinks*
Duo: *cards? Heero?*
Heero: *sits down at the table*
Quatre: *very surprised*
Heero: *hesitates, then tells trowa* ... you can share the room with me. I guess you're used to dodging, now.
Duo: *confused*
Trowa: *digs through his bag, pulling out a deck of cards and begins shuffling*
Heero: If it doesn't work out with 05, I mean. But it would be good to have two people downstairs.
Quatre: *whispers to Duo* I wouldn't have thought he even knew what they were.
Trowa: You sure? I guess it would be best to rotate.
Trowa: At least one of the people downstairs should be awake...
Heero: *nods*
Trowa: *starts to deal then pauses* What are we playing?
Duo: Same here, Quatre.
Heero: *shrugs* whatever you want.
Heero: Probably not poker. *can't help but give trowa a tiny smirk*
Trowa: *smirks* Smart move. How about Gin?
Duo: *is a bit peturbed to hear Heero being... almost social*
Trowa: *deals the cards accordinly*
Heero: *shrugs*
Quatre: *gets up and goes to the other room, looking to see what the two of them were doing*
Heero: *looks up at Quatre*
Trowa: *quietly playing cards*
Quatre: *smiles* Can anyone join?
Quatre: *very open smile*
Heero: *blinks at him, then turns to face trowa*
Duo: *frowns a bit, then quietly leaves the kitchen and heads up the stairs*
Trowa: *shrugs with a small smile* I don't see why not.
Trowa: *looks at his hand* I'll deal you in next round.
Quatre: Thanks.

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